• What Past Life Regression Is Like…

    PAST LIVES are something that have always fascinated humanity, and if you’re curious about seeing yours – there’s a way that you can.

    For the first time ever, I had a past life regression after leaving it on my to-do list for many years. I never found the right person to take me through the process until I finally met Daniel @ The Past Life Regressionist.

    I’ve tried and tested so many different types of readings, but this was like no other because I was the one experiencing it all…

    When you have a past life regression, it’s not someone telling you what they see. It’s you experiencing everything that you can see from your own past lives.

    Our past lives are something that we casually refer to in conversation, like saying that people we know are “probably from a past life” (for more about this, see my other blog How To Know If You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone).

    You may also feel inexplicably enamored by certain places or styles, for example, I’ve always felt attached to Japan and when I had my Reiki attunement this just got even stronger. When I looked around my house, I noticed that there were white flying cranes, delicate fan prints and oriental waves emblazoned all over my interiors, bedsheets and mugs.

    The funny thing? I’ve never even been to Japan!

    ⋆☽ What is Past Life Regression? ☾⋆

    If you connect with the idea that your soul comes back to Earth again and again and is born into different bodies over many different lifetimes, then that’s what you’ll be exploring more during your past life regression.

    What many people don’t know about past life regression is that it’s an immensely healing experience.

    We can hold on to so much trauma from our past lives where we were betrayed, killed, silenced or heartbroken in some way, and then that stays in our energy field where it can still affect us.

    By going through this regression experience, we can unlock the wounds which we haven’t been able to fully heal so far because we didn’t make them in this life. 

    ⋆☽ What happens in a regression session? ☾⋆

    As The Past Life Regressionist is based in California and I’m in England, we held our session over Zoom. This would have been the case for any regressionist I used though, as I had my session during the pandemic.

    And if you’re wondering – no, it didn’t lessen my experience at all!

    I also did an interview with the regressionist on my podcast to share more about how taking people through their other lifetimes works. Listen to Time Travel with The Past Life Regressionist here 🎙️

    A questionnaire was sent to me beforehand so that I could get clear on my intentions for the meeting and anything that I particularly wanted to look into, and then the first hour of the session was spent having a consultation.

    I’ve had hypnotherapy before – 3 sessions for generalised anxiety disorder + 2 for fear of public speaking – and the process was very similar to that. The state of hypnosis that I went into also felt the same as when I had hypnotherapy.

    I feel obliged to mention here that there is some serious stigma around what “hypnosis” really means! In absolutely no way are you at the mercy of your regressionist. You are entirely conscious and aware, but you’re just in a very relaxed state that I’d describe as like being in a deep meditation.

    It was very easy for me to get into this state as I was lying on my sofa alone in my own home, under a nice blanket…

    Then, once it’s time to begin after the consultation, your practitioner talks you through the beginning of the regression to relax you and bring you through various states of consciousness; through an Alpha state to a Theta state.

    Once they’ve led you through the meditation, you’ll probably have some visualisation practice where you describe certain images so that you get used to saying exactly what you’re seeing in your mind.

    If you have any clairvoyant ability, then you’ll likely see your past lives in the same way as you see a vision. If you don’t, then it’s kind of like seeing movie images in your mind.

    I also found that my experience was very sentient too, for example, in one lifetime I knew I was poisoned from feeling very dizzy and like the room was spinning, and I was also moved to tears going into one of my other lifetimes because I was so upset at what happened.

    I don’t want any of these to frighten you though because, as I said before, I was completely in control and at any moment in the regression I could have instantly come out of it just by opening my eyes if I wanted to.

    ⋆☽ What did I see? ☾⋆

    Now, for the exciting part! What I actually saw…

    For me, my lifetimes moved in chronological order – ranging from 6000 BC to Victorian times. That said, I only saw 5 lifetimes so you can expect to just see the ones which are the most important for you to acknowledge and heal.

    My session was about 5 hours in total but I didn’t realise it at all. In the first lifetime that I saw, I was an Egyptian heir to the throne. But I wasn’t the son of a ruler as such – my father was a spiritual leader who was in charge at the time.

    There were pyramids (yep, just like you’d imagine) and I was stood watching a human sacrifice. I felt like something wasn’t quite right, as if they didn’t really get what spirituality meant (!) and I found it all very cold and ritualistic. The rituals meant everything in that lifetime.

    I was probably aged between 17-19 in the vision and when I asked myself why I died, that’s when the room started spinning and I realised that I’d been poisoned. Afterwards, I Googled whether human sacrifice took place in Egypt because I’d never heard of it before and that’s where I got the date of 6000 BC.

    On to the next lifetime I went…

    In the next lifetime, I was part of a jungle tribe and my existence was simple and beautiful; everyone was completely in tune with nature and astrology was a sacred part of how we ran our lives. I was being shown this lifetime as an example of how easy life can be and how wonderful it feels to be in flow with nature.

    Not much to learn here, but a welcome reminder of how good life can be.

    The next lifetime…

    Then I moved into the 1600’s where I was a lowly woman who lived in a village of huts between towering tall trees in a forest. A colonial man on a horse came in and set the village alight, making me fall to my knees screaming as I stared at a burning hut with my baby inside.

    I was so overcome with emotion that I started crying, which is unusual for me, but I was genuinely distraught. After doing some healing work with the regressionist, I saw my soul floating out of that body as if I’d managed to finally release the trauma that I’d been holding onto ever since.

    I don’t know about other regressionists, but Daniel has a specific technique to help you release any trauma from each lifetime if you need it.

    Now, for another beautiful lifetime!

    My beloved Japan… being a spiritual teacher and writer, and again, feeling so in tune with nature.

    Between Mount Fuji and the pink cherry blossom, there I was, living my best life! This was one for the memory books, and again – like the jungle life – is something that I can always try to attain while I’m here and in the lives still to come.

    The last one I saw…

    I was born a wealthy lady in a Victorian manor house and because of my class, I was fortunate enough to have an education. My heart was telling me that I wanted to write but the husband of the arranged marriage that I was in thought differently.

    I could see myself talking to the house staff, who were the only people that I really felt connected to, but then I’d get scolded and snatched away from them because we weren’t meant to mix with other classes. The aristocracy which could be seen from the outside as a blessing felt like a suffocating curse.

    I saw us stood by the fireplace arguing and him snatching the paper that I was writing on before throwing it into the fire. Again, emotion started to rise up and I felt furious, as though I absolutely couldn’t stand this man.

    No surprise… more healing and release work was required for this one!

    ⋆☽ What did I learn? ☾⋆

    The main thing I learned is that we still carry so much emotional baggage from other lifetimes.

    I can see how it would be easy to write it off as just illusions and metaphors rising up from our subconscious, which is why I believe it’s important to actually experience it before you make any kind of judgement.

    Otherwise, you have a very incomplete picture to base your assessment on.

    It confirmed some of the things that I already intuitively felt, like my attachment to certain places, and it helped me to reach some of the grief and trauma that I would never have been able to access here and now without the session.

    I saw a common theme of writing which I wasn’t surprised by at all, as writing is still my favourite thing to do. And I also crossed paths with some dear friends that, again – no surprise, were with me through many other incarnations.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Overall, I think that if you’ve been drawn to read this article then it’s for a reason. When we have that intuitive pull towards something like this, it’s because our soul senses that our time is coming and it’s almost ready to dive deeper.

    There might be something in a past life regression session for you that could give you the answers you haven’t found yet. My experience was profound, healing and will stay with me forever.

    If you decide to have one too, I hope that yours will be the same!


  • How To Truly Surrender

    This will be the last blog that I write for a while.

    Whenever you feel like you have too much on your plate – whether it’s been dished up by you or other people – the time and space that you need to make miracles happen isn’t there anymore.

    A crucial part of manifesting is making space, and that applies to your schedule too. It’s especially true if you’re a creative. If you’re trying to create something beautiful in the form of art or words, it soon becomes impossible when your head is swirling with to-do lists and appointments.

    Your channel gets so clogged up that there’s no room for new ideas to come through.

    It can also make you so fixed on a certain path that you can’t surrender to where the Universe wants to lead you next. By being open; being willing to change; being prepared to end things even when they’ve been working well for you – that’s when you are truly surrendering to the possibility of being on your highest path.

    Instead of surrendering to other people, surrender to what YOU really want instead.

    Allow the Universe to sweep through your life and make any changes it wants to make. It will show you these through feelings, signs, and things which aren’t working or don’t feel good anymore. Allow yourself to make these changes by trusting that there’s always more to be revealed in the next phase.

    Allow yourself to have space in your schedule for what you really want to do.

    I also encourage you to have your own keyword for 2021 and mine is “no”.

    When you love yourself enough, that’s when you learn the power of saying no and surrendering to what you truly want at the cost of all the things you don’t.

    That will probably mean not replying to every DM, especially when you can sense that they’re soliciting ones hoping to attach to your energy. It will mean turning down meetings and offers for collaboration, if the payoff doesn’t feel worth the time you’ll be investing. Undoubtedly, it will mean your own desires, wishes and energy becoming sovereign 👑

    Allow yourself to be led by your heart and your desires.

    Allow yourself space for inspiration and guidance by tuning out the noise.

    Allow the Universe to lead you, knowing that life is an ongoing path and that by standing still you will never know what’s next.



    Ask yourself these questions – they’re good ones to journal on next time you’re setting intentions:

    • What am I actually meant to be doing right now?
    • What has served its time in my life?
    • What is next for me?
    • What do I need to make space for?
    • What do I need to start saying “no” to?

    By knowing these answers, you can realign yourself with what you’re meant to be doing instead of just what you should be doing.

    No one else but you owns your life or knows what you want from your time on this Earth.

    Trust the magical possibility that everything you want can actually come true for you, as long as you’re willing to surrender and say “no” to everything which isn’t it… ✨


  • How To Start Journaling For Powerful Breakthroughs

    One of the best ways to change what’s going on in your mind is to get a pen in your hand.

    When I start working with a new coaching client, one of the first things that I’ll ask them is: “Do you journal…?”

    If the answer is no, I check that they have a fresh notebook and then tell them these same strategies for powerful and effective journaling that I’m going to tell you today.

    The way that you journal is going to change depending on how you feel and what you hope to achieve with it. For example, if you’re trying to manifest something, you’re going to need a different style of journaling than if you are struggling with low mood and want to reconnect with yourself.

    I know that journaling has changed my life and the lives of so many other people, so I want it to do the same for you too.

    Try these 4 different types of journaling and see what kind of results you get; in my experience and the experiences of my clients, they have all led to powerful breakthroughs ↓

    Great for:  Manifesting.  Energy upgrades & alignment.  Identity shifts.

    I’m talking about this type of journaling first because it’s undoubtedly the one that has changed my life the most. The things that I have written after these 2 words – over and over again – have become real in my life within 2 years. Obviously, there are still other things which haven’t arrived yet, but I know that they’re coming.

    This type of journaling is truly transformative.

    The reason why it’s so powerful is that it helps you to embody the person that you will be with this new thing in order to manifest it. It’s that energy alignment with your future state which will attract your future manifestations.

    The first time that you write “I AM…”, you might feel ridiculous, but then after repeating it over the course of days or weeks, it becomes normal. As you get used to writing “I AM…”, the words become your reality. The words become who you think you are. The words become the next phase of your life.

    There are 2 ways that you can do this:

    • You can write the same thing over and over again
    • Or you can write a page full of different “I AM” statements

    You can use “I AM”s to list the different pieces of your new life as though they are all together. This gives you a complete vision of what your life will be like and all of the things that’ll be in it.

    When you truly believe that all of the “I AM’s” you write are possible, you unlock the door to another dimension where they are.

    Great for:  Lifting a low mood.  Positive mindset.  Manifesting.

    I probably don’t need to tell you about the benefits of gratitude, but if you want to, you can read about them here.

    Often our mind is so busy that we forget to appreciate all of the moments which are truly magical. Writing a “thank you list” during your journaling session gives you the opportunity to capture all of these moments on paper.

    As well as being grateful for everything that you have now, you can also be grateful for what’s to come in the future. This is another way of aligning your energy with that future version of you who is living in another dimension where you’ve just received what you’re manifesting.

    How will you feel? Grateful!

    When you’re writing that you are grateful for what you’re manifesting as though you’ve just received it, you are bringing it into being. 

    You can be grateful for:

    • How you feel
    • What you have experienced
    • What you have eaten
    • Who you have spoken to
    • What you cherish
    • The home that you have around you
    • And everything that’s to come in your future ✨

    Great for:  Releasing burdens.  Asking for help.  Connecting to your guides/Angels/God.

    If you’re looking for a deeper connection with the Universe, then why not write it a letter?

    By writing a letter to the Universe you can create a line of open communication with it.

    Without realising, we can so often become unclear on what we want and how we feel because we have so many contradictions and conflicting ideas. Our limiting beliefs say one thing and our desires say another!

    By writing a letter to the Universe, you can clarify your own thoughts and post them to a higher power.

    There are multiple things that you can write in this letter, including:

    • Requests, ie, “please help me (or someone else) with…”
    • Things you are grateful for
    • Asking for clarity, signs or reasons to be revealed

    This is not just about the Universe understanding what you want and how you feel; it’s also about you revealing this to yourself.

    This is a great way of handing over responsibility and relinquishing control of the things that you don’t really have control over anyway.

    Surrender your worries to the Universe and know that they are being taken care of. Write the reasons why you feel the way that you do, knowing that they are understood. Request help, knowing that it will be given.

    Great for:  Channeling messages.  Releasing burdens.  Relieving anxiety.

    If you’ve been feeling all of the feels lately – or a structure isn’t appealing today – feel free to have a brain dump on a page of your journal.

    This is your opportunity to open up and let it all out. Whatever you want to say, you can say!

    The most important thing is that you don’t let your mind talk you out of what you really want to write.

    How are you feeling? What are you thinking? And what wants to come through?

    If you want to use this free writing method to channel spiritual messages, you can do this by opening up your Crown chakra and allowing anything that wants to come through. This is how I write my online courses and my workbooks for coaching – I open up fully and write by hand.

    You will be amazed at what comes out!

    Set a strong intention to connect with whoever you want: Angels, your galactic team, spirit guides, or anyone else. You might notice the energy centres in the palms of your hands getting activated as you do this.

    Think of the page as your space to just let go and let the magic happen 🔮

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope that these journaling techniques serve you well and unlock some doors inside your mind and soul. Remember that you can create whatever you want to create if you energetically commit to your journaling – the power is with you and the pen!



  • 5 Types of Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

    When you’re writing your blog, it’s a good idea to mix up different types of blog post…

    As you get more experienced with writing your blog, you’ll notice that there’s certain styles of topics and headlines which catch more attention from your readers than others.

    This means that it’s super helpful to become familiar with the different types of blog post so that you can wow your audience and keep delivering content that they love to read and connect with. Here are 5 types of blog post which will help you to do just that! ↓ 

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Example: 5 Types of Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

    These are the most viral type of blog post because they’re easy to digest and simple to understand. We like topics that can be broken down into an easy-to-understand list! 

    From my own experience, any blog posts like this which include a numbered list are always my most successful titles.

    How can you summarise your blog topic into a list which will help people to group ideas together or categorise themselves?

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.55.23


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Example: How Blogging Changed My Life

    As a writer, the most powerful thing you have is your story.

    Your personal experiences can be gold for someone who is feeling lost and lonely going through the same thing that you went through.

    Sharing a personal story also allows your audience to get to know you better on a deeper level.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.59.36


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    Example: How To Turn Your Followers Into Raving Fans

    This type of blog shows your readers that you’re an expert who can teach them exactly what they need to know about a certain topic.

    They’ll leave your blog feeling more knowledgeable and confident, which will make them more confident in you.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.52.24


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (7)

    Example: What Your Favourite Font Says About You

    This is always a fun type of blog post to write and read, which is usually a bit silly and not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

    However, we’re always curious to know more about ourselves and what group we fit into – and if you get it right, your readers will feel like you really understand them!

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.02.50


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (5)

    Example: Why Isn’t Your Blog Growing As Fast As You Would Like?

    You’re not really asking your reader a question, because you’re going to answer it for them!

    But doesn’t a question in a title just make you want to click and know more?

    This is a very enticing type of title to use which guarantees to make people curious.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.04.47

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    If you want to know more about how to have a blog that you and your customers love, make sure you grab a copy of my new ebook

    How To Be A Successful Blogger 👩🏼‍💻✨

    how to be a successful blogger make money blogging


    This is just a snippet from chapter 2: How To Write Your Blog and I’m giving away everything I know about how to start, grow and monetise and successful blog that can grow your business on automatic.

    Instead of spending years trying to figure it out on your own, make your life easier by following these tried and tested tips for just $5!