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Self Love

Awaken your inner divinity so that you can align with success in all areas.

The missing secret ingredient...

Anything more that you want from life is born within you. I know it feels conflicting having big dreams and a nudge telling you to go for them, while your mind gives you reasons why it might not be possible for you.

Even if you know exactly what your goal is, the confidence and self belief to reach it might be the only thing standing in your way. If you could just get past that, you know that you’d be willing to get started and see what happens.

You don’t want the fear to hold you back any longer and cost you more precious time than it already has.

Can you imagine...

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help you reconnect with your self love and realise your inner divinity.

If you're ready to go from being a doubtful Debbie to a confident Caroline, but you need someone who's been there to guide the way...

I created Spiritual Self Love for you!

This 4 week course (+ bonuses!) will give you all of the spiritual tools that you need to release doubt, recognise your power, and love yourself fully as the special soul that you are.

This is what you won't get elsewhere...

This self love course is specifically designed for spiritual people who already have an awareness of their soul and its immense potential.

The program incorporates spiritual practices, routines and concepts – such as LOA, chakras, crystals and energy healing – to create a profound change that can reach every layer of your being.

This is not just a mindset course: this is a course filled with activations and energy work to align you with your soul’s power, so that you can move forward from a solid foundation of power and spiritual sovereignty.

Here's how the program breaks down...



If you can’t accept yourself as you are right now, any difference in your external life won’t change that. This is how you can start to finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

In module one, you’re going to learn:


Self Sovereignty

You are ultimately in charge of your own time, energy and power. If you decide to give any of these things away, that is your choice as a soul with spiritual sovereignty.

In module two, you’re going to learn:


Heart Centre

Your heart chakra is where the energy of love flows through, including the love that you have for yourself. This energy centre needs to be open, clear and high vibe!

In module three, you’re going to learn:



If you love yourself enough, being vulnerable will feel safe and non-negotiable, because you’re no longer willing to compromise on who you are and what you want.

In module four, you’re going to learn:

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Open from 1st January - 11th January 2021

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Get Braver With Boundaries

Having strong boundaries is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving and it’s a clear sign of someone with healthy self love.

This training module is the perfect way to secure the work that you have put in during the rest of the course to ensure that you remain sovereign and the Qween or King of your own life!

(£80 value)

Is this for you?

Spiritual Self Love will be a good fit for you if...

You’re ready to try something new and you want to implement some more positive routines and habits in your daily life. 

You’re ready to align your energy and beliefs with the best version of you. 

You feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself and you want to reconnect with your spiritual power again.

You’ve tried more general approaches to self love, but a different spiritual angle sounds great.

Have we met?

I'm Liz Roberta.

Award Winning Spiritual Coach & Online Entrepreneur

…and someone who didn’t used to love herself.

For many years, I held myself back and inflicted extra anxiety on myself because I wasn’t willing or ready to stand out yet – I didn’t even know what that could look like!

Luckily, life had other plans for me and I was forced to do something differently after hitting rock bottom with a variety of mental health issues.

As my spiritual journey unfolded, I realised that I actually DID have so much power through my unique message, intuition and channeling ability. But, without believing in myself, I wouldn’t be able to claim any of these great gifts.

Love is what you need to up level in your life.

I’d love to help you set yourself free from any restraints that you have been under in the past so that you can create a brighter future for yourself!

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

Yes! This is a self guided course, so you can go as fast or slow through the content as you like. It is divided into 4 modules + bonuses for those who want to learn it all in 1 month – but with lifetime access, you can learn whenever is best for you.

At present, there are no payment plans available for this course.

Yes. All of the videos have a subtitles option and you can use the Workbooks as normal. To get transcripts of the meditations to use, please message me on Instagram @iamLizRoberta or email me at  

No. All of the content is there, ready to go! This means that you can access the course whenever is best for you, while fitting it around your work/life/children.

Why now is the time for you...

Don't let another year go by before you give yourself the kick up the butt and energy upgrade that you need. By loving yourself, you can love life to the full too.

Open from 1st January - 11th January 2021

pay in full


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