VIP Spiritual Coaching – 1 Hour Session


In this tailored 1:1 Spiritual Coaching session, we will work together to help you:

✔️ Get clear on an aligned offer, so that you can create massive impact and be massively compensated for the spiritual work that you do.

✔️ Get organised and efficient in your business! Time is your most scarce resource, so we can help you by finding new ways of doing things faster and on automatic.

✔️ Get your message out there confidently and clearly! I LOVE marketing and using social media, and these days it is essential that you do these things (and that you do them well) to have a successful spiritual business. I can help you with branding, messaging and social media advice to save you time on figuring it all out yourself.

✔️ Get clear on your priorities. Usually when we’re not making progress and we’re not making a big splash with clients, it’s because our energy is scattered and we’re not really sure what WE want to be doing. Let’s confirm what’s important to you and what your values are, so that putting 110% into your business feels fun, easy and natural for you.

✔️ Get your mindset, energy and practical steps sorted once and for all, so that you can finally manifest freedom and money by simply doing what you came here for!

Are you ready to get started and make a change…?

To use this hour for maximum impact, I will contact you via email to book a time slot and find out what you would like to focus on.

📞 The session will take place on Zoom Video Conferencing and you will be sent a meeting link prior to your scheduled appointment


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