FREE Find Your Starseed Home Activation Meditation

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In this free guided meditation, you will reconnect with your galactic family and discover where your soul has lived in other lifetimes as a Starseed.

Activate and align your soul so that you can reconnect with your Starseed DNA

Your internal memory of all the skills and secrets that you have learned in past lifetimes has already been coded deep within you.

It’s time to open the doors to what you already know and remember – who you are and why you came here.

Enjoy this activation meditation,
Liz x

8 reviews for FREE Find Your Starseed Home Activation Meditation

  1. Christine

    Easy to follow and understand.

  2. Bee

    Be nice see what star seed family I’m from.
    Thank you liz for this freebie 🙏

  3. Shelley

    Was guided to find out about Starseeds… I intuitively feelI am a Pleiadian Starseed!

  4. Anders Nordlund Gustafsson

    Good Times are coming!😁👍👍👍😎😇✨💖

  5. Patrick

    Very interesting

  6. Dana


  7. Luisa L.

    I am a Starseed.Thank you for the confirmation.

  8. Kyana (verified owner)

    I definitely feel that I am a Starseed. I felt it as soon as I read about it. This just confirmed that I indeed am, but I don’t know which yet. I can’t wait to find out.

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