Intuitive Tarot Reading – Money & Career

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In this reading, I will focus on the energy surrounding your career & financial life in the past, present and future…

💰 Using a combination of intuition, Tarot cards and Angel cards, you can gain insights and confirmation for any signs which have been leading you to abundance.

🎥  You’ll receive an email including a link to your own private video reading, which can be viewed at any time – as many times as you like!

Note: This reading is not for you if you’re experiencing serious financial difficulty. Please reach out to a board certified financial advisor or debt relief charity for advice.

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7 reviews for Intuitive Tarot Reading – Money & Career

  1. Kori (verified owner)

    Such a lovely lady. I contacted her and asked if there’s any alternative to communicate as I am profoundly deaf and she was more than happy to add subtitles to her video after she have done her tarot reading for money and career with me. That was such a lovely thing to do and touched my heart 💓

    The reading was amazing and I was in tears a few times while watching the video yesterday. I feel connected to the reading and now i feel so good, motivated & know I am on a right path. Have a reading with her and you won’t be disappointed! X

  2. Colleen (verified owner)

    Just received my reading today. Within the first 3 minutes I had tears. The reading was very accurate and I could resonate with everything that was being said. I heard messages that I thought would come up (reaffirming what I need to know) I was truly delighted and surprised at how accurate and well the reading was. Fully recommend x

  3. Megan (verified owner)

    Liz came highly recommended by a dear friend and she did not disappoint! Many of the items Liz discussed during my money and career reading resonated with me deeply. I have actually gone back to review my reading twice just to make sure I didn’t miss out on any insights. I was left feeling rejuvenated and inspired both times. Thank you, Liz for your kindness and sharing your gift with me!

  4. Casey (verified owner)

    I have never had a reading done and didn’t give Liz any information about what answers I was seeking and she still blew it out of the park. She accurately described my past, touched on areas in my current life I am struggling with and helped me realise parts of myself I never even knew. Definitely recommend Liz and her amazing gift with anyone who wants to explore who they are and their future 🙂

  5. Rita (verified owner)

    Having Liz reading for me was a delight. The way she was so present and caring, and how she was so spot on with all the information was truly remarkable! After the reading I felt a lot of clarity on my path, and felt supported and motivated to keep moving forth. It was a really beautiful experience and I feel very grateful.

  6. Lora (verified owner)

    I’ve had a few readings with Liz and I absolutely recommend her! She’s able to connect with your energy and see through your blockages and show you the way out. Most recently I got a money and career reading and Liz was spot on- I can’t thank her enough and feel very hopeful and excited for what’s to come! 🔝

  7. Smita Kishore

    I am so grateful for this wonderful reading!! Liz has a true gift. My reading was so accurate on every point discussed, literally—and I didn’t tell her a thing about me or ask a specific question. Liz took her time with the reading and I could feel her Presence and warmth through the screen. Even the additional affirmation cards she pulled at the end were so aligned with where I am. I am grateful to you, Liz, for sharing your beautiful gift with us. You gave me the reaffirmation I needed to be exactly where I am and continue on my path, and I am eternally grateful for you. May you keep shining the way you do! 🙏🏽✨💖 

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