Intuitive Tarot Reading – General Guidance

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In this general reading, I will focus on the strongest energies surrounding your life in the past, present and future…

🔮  Using a combination of intuition, Tarot cards and Angel cards, you can gain insights and confirmation for any signs which are leading you to the most fulfilling path.

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8 reviews for Intuitive Tarot Reading – General Guidance

  1. Sara (verified owner)

    Liz kindly made adjustments to meet my needs such as making sure she added the captions due to my deafness. The reading covered my past, present and future and I could relate to most of my reading with her explaining the significance of the cards and how it could be linked to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Liz…. 🙂

  2. Lisa Melbourne (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend a tarot reading from Liz. She was absolutely on the mark with the things that she picked up on, one of the most accurate readings that I have ever had.
    Liz has left me with clarity on the areas that I had some confusion over, being super specific on the subjects that I wanted her to look into for me.
    Thank you so much Liz xx

  3. Lucy (verified owner)

    I was blown away by Liz’s reading. Everything she picked up on really resonated with me and has helped me to feel so much clearer moving forward. Her style is really in depth and reassuring. Will be recommending her to friends and family!

  4. Lucy Kidner (verified owner)

    I enjoyed my general guidance reading from Liz so much that I ordered a love and relationships reading straight after! The readings were so in depth, Liz explained the meanings of the cards and how they could relate to me so clearly and the things she picked up on resonated with me so much. Both readings were so helpful, I can’t wait to have more readings from Liz in the future! Thank you so much Liz! xx

  5. Theresa Parkhill (verified owner)

    Liz is absolutely amazing! Just finished watching my intuitive reading and wow wow wow is all I’m going to say. She absolutely hit so many pivotal things going on in my life right now… and brought alot of clarity to other areas of my life. I literally just booked another reading for my career. Do not hesitate to book a reading, she is a clear channel and intuitive! Thank you Liz!

  6. Kori

    In that moment I felt a bit lost so I asked for general guidance reading as I needed some advice & insight into my situation. Ahhhhh what can I sayyy! I literally felt like that girl called Dorothy off the wizard of 0z film, not knowing which path to go, Liz, as a beautiful Glinda the good witch, encourage, supporting, gives me some guidance with her high vibration/energy reading! Now I understand the hidden messages I didn’t seen all along was always there in front of me and now I am so ready to create & take the next step that’s right for me! Thanks so much xxxx

  7. Brittany (verified owner)

    I got a reading from Liz and it was exactly what I needed. It was so accurate how much it applied to my life, whether I was already aware of it or the card reading made me aware of it! The guidance was so reassuring and gave me a lot of confidence in what I’m already doing or what I am thinking about doing! I also wrote to Liz letting her know how much I appreciated the card reading and she got back to me which makes the relationship really personal! She is really talented and I cannot say enough positive things about this reading! If you’re on the fence it’s so worth doing. <

  8. El (verified owner)

    After seeing a Tik Tok of Liz’s and getting an angel card from Liz I knew I had to get a reading from her! I’m really glad I did at the moment I’ve felt like I needed a little bit more clarity and that’s what I got from the reading and points across it were things in my life that I have been thinking about a lot! The reading was positive and she described the cards so well, she confirmed to me that my granddad is my spirit guide and that I have a strong Intuition, I had a feeling this was the case !
    So thank you so much Liz and will defiantly get another reading in the future thank you for sharing your lovely gift beautiful 💓

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