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The multidimensional money work to amplify the success of your strategies. Heal your relationship with money, feel worthy AF and get ready to receive more than ever.

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You’re probably trying wayyy too hard. Let it go and let it flow. Trying so hard is probably repelling what you want. We don’t want to feel things that are forced, we want to feel flow – in our lives, the content we read online and in business. The smoother the flow, the less resistance there is = the easier it becomes. More forward momentum by pushing less. It’s a lighter way of living and making money.

introducing the money medicine 4 part method

Money MedicineTM is a powerful 4 part process for quantum healing, integration and expansion. This happens through:

  • Energy healings  
  • Hypnosis meditations
  • Detailed trainings for you to gain mastery
  • Workbooks to take you deeper into your own money reality (past, present + future)

infinite ease & smooth financial flow

infinite ease & smooth financial flow

Money is independent of who you are as a person. It has no bearing on who you become if you’re totally healed with money.

It can be a relationship that’s supportive, uplifting, and loving – and it should be. You are the key to your own success and money is your ally in that.

Stay in your power with regards to money and it has no choice but to move to you. You are the one making it move, and not the other way around. You should not be changing who you are for the money.

It will make its way towards you when you know who you are and you’re totally healed in your money matrix.

Money comes from the Universe through energetic channels in your life & business.

Expand, activate, integrate
expand, activate, integrate


Clear your energy channels to create faster abundance flow through your life & business.

client love notes

"Absolutely LOVED Money Medicine, I've been manifesting like a mofo! More clients, more money, they are dropping in every day!

Jo, Spiritual Coach

"Manifested my dream car after a week and a half of being in your Money Medicine program! So grateful for that.

ghia, accountant

"Working with Liz was like working with my higher self - I was able to uncover and release so many deep blocks I had with money.

amy, life coach

"I am starting Money Medicine for the 4th time as I keep seeing the result happening more and more...

yvonne, Love, Sex & Relationship Coach
The Deets

Here’s what you receive...

Trainings to take you past everything that has been holding you back in your money life, so you can rise above your old patterning, limiting beliefs + spending / saving blocks

Hypnoses to soothe your subconscious mind as you create a more abundant reality for yourself, which will be out of the ordinary

Meditations to explore your beliefs and expand your vision of what's possible for you with regards to wealth building

Healings to do the heavy lifting energy work. This is where poverty vows get vaporised and old ancestral money wounds are instantly transmuted!

Workbooks for uncovering the rules about money you've been living under and where they came from - so you can rewrite them + move forward

A supportive structure that takes you through each week so you're not overwhelmed and can keep progressing at a solid, steady, certain pace

Here’s your itinerary...

Portal 1


It all starts inside you. Amplify your sense of self and incorporate a new identity that supports your wealth building...


Intention Setting Meditation

Past Life Vows, Contracts & Ancestral Wounds

Ancestral Money Trauma Healing Session

Worthy & Wealthy


You Are The Magic Meditation

I AM Worthy Of Money. Workbook

portal 2


Close holes in your mindset, energy field and actions that are blocking money from flowing to you - or allowing it to leak out of your life...

Don't Feed The Fear

Saving The Child Healing Session

What You Believe You Will Receive

EFT Tapping For Financial Freedom

Eliminate Lack & Scarcity Hypnosis

No More Lack & Try Vibes

Night Time Money Meditation

I AM Unlimited. Workbook

portal 3


Start being an open and inviting channel for money to come in. This is where you become magnetic and attract windfalls effortlessly...

Opening The Abundance Portal

Receiving With The Root

What Stops Us Receiving

Awakening The Root Chakra Healing Session

Rich & Receiving Meditation

Mapping Your Abundance Blueprint

Breathe In Wealth Breathwork

I AM Ready To Receive Money. Workbook

portal 4


Make wealth and abundance a natural part of your life by learning how to normalise it into your new reality. This is how you stay rich & wealthy...

Rich & Ready

Quantum Money Mechanics

Welcome Wealth Now Healing Session

Trust & Certainty Meditation

Normalising Wealth

Calming The Nervous System Hypnosis

I AM Open And Abundant. Workbook

Closing The Money Medicine Portal



Find out the simple secret to aligning with the frequency of luxury. After this bonus, you'll be dripping in divine abundance and feeling more opulent than ever!


more ease around money

Lean in to the energy of ease and acceptance. You'll learn how to let go of resistance, so that things start feeling like less of a struggle and new opportunities to receive open up.


Solid AF

Navigate money wobbles with more calm confidence. You'll start to reclaim a strong sense of stability in your inner world, so you can avoid lack spirals and stay balanced through shocks in your external world.


Remove Your Upper Money Limit

Expand your capacity to hold wealth beyond that invisible glass ceiling in your brain. You'll erase your upper money limit, so you can say goodbye to your old subconscious safe zone. 

the pro at energy flow

hi. I'm liz

Award Winning Spiritual Life & Business Coach for entrepreneurs in the wellness world. I’m the author of ‘Living In Tune’ with Hay House and was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine, one of the “5 Most Influential Female Coaches of 2021” by Entrepreneur Mogul and one of the “50 Under 50” for 2022 by The NYC Journal.

My soul mission is to help people bring through as much life force energy as possible; by being aligned, creating connection and clearing any blockages in the way of energy flow. More energy flow makes everything smoother and more magnetic, so that effort gets replaced with ease – and a rich life is always within reach. 

What I've been upto:
  • Regularly interviewed on top podcasts and with mainstream UK celebrities 
  • Bestselling published book on intuition sold in stores across the world
  • Over 500k blog reads and 20k+ combined social media following
  • Helping dream clients go from full-time work to full-time in their spiritual business
  • Created a business structure that allows income to drop in most days while I sleep and travel around the world
  • Started my career on the investment banking grad scheme at JP Morgan before becoming a fashion merchandiser 
More satisfied clients

I wrote a business goal of $400k annual

and it just felt right. Then I was told to triple that goal, and it still felt ok. In the past, I would’ve flinched or recoiled. So it is already sinking in!

Krista, Family Relationship Coach
and More satisfied clients

The Money Medicine program

is helping get me out of a very long (lifelong) financial funk! It’s amazing!

Martina, Health Coach


  • In Money MedicineTM, we’re going to be expanding in a big way – using the quantum realm that transcends time and space to eliminate all money blocks in your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to make you a clear channel for wealth. If money has been avoiding you so far, even though you’ve been doing all the right things, this is for you!
  • However, this isn’t going to include any investment or business strategies (see my Business Expander program). It’s also not for you if you’re in a personal financial crisis – I always recommend seeking professional debt advice in this case (like StepChange in the UK or InCharge in the USA).
  • It’s for you if energy work lights you up and you’re open to receiving more abundance. You’re ready to remove any of the inner obstacles in your way and work on your energy flow to amplify the effectiveness of your physical money making strategies in life & business. 
the ones who have mastered money

have mastered an energetic approach

This is the multidimensional money work to heal your relationship with money. In Money MedicineTM, you will master the inner game of wealth and receive the energy work to amplify your money making strategies. You will have the most successful life & business when you can bring through as much life force energy as possible – so if you’ve done the strategies, you’re feeling blocked, you want more ease and things to move smoothly through the structures you’ve created – it’s time to bring that divine flow in ⚡️

Frequently asked questions

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Everyone is different, with unique skills and their own life path – which means that no coach, healer or teacher can ever guarantee a certain outcome. However, you will be equipped with all of the tools to help you clear mental, emotional and energetic blocks that you have around money. Use these tools as you wish!

1 day after joining Money MedicineTM, Part 1 of the program will be unlocked and you’ll be emailed to notify you when that happens. The following 3 parts will then be unlocked each week. It’s important that there’s time to integrate and embody the stages of this process as they’re all as important as each other. There are no live sessions, so you don’t have to worry about calendar clashes or trying to fit with a certain time zone!

Yes! By signing up today, you get to enjoy Money MedicineTM and all future updates for as long as it exists. This means that if the price goes up or new content gets added, you’ll always know you got the best price for getting in early!

If you’re investing in the program and need subtitles, please contact me via email ( or Instagram (@iamLizRoberta) as you’ll need some extra resources to be able to complete the program, eg, transcripts for the meditations.

When you’ve had amazing results that you want to share with others, there is a lucrative way for you to do this! Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be emailed details of how to become an affiliate so that you can gain a massive 50% of the program price for each person you bring into Money MedicineTM.