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A 6 month immersion to meet your highest potential with an elite group of leaders. This is the ultimate mastermind for entrepreneurs who prioritise energy + alignment, where you can increase your capacity, call in more clients, and create stellar sales success. 

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I'm all about making things easy AF for you to create big results in a short space of time...

When you have simple, highly effective strategies and elevated energy, you can rapidly amplify the speed of your success and move much further with far less effort. As energy is a core element of my work – as well as my business + marketing background – we will focus on efficiency in every area to give you maximum results FAST. 

are you soul
led and driven
to succeed?

  • ELEVATE is for the new wave of entrepreneurs who see business differently. Less sacrifice, more sales and always with soul.
  • As a group, you will master the energy of magnetism in sales, branding + marketing. Think big business that goes beyond the limits. 
  • You will own who you are at your core and claim the power of your full soul self. This is high impact, high intensity energetic work.
  • It’s time to exceed your own expectations in life + business, reaching further than any realm of reality you’ve faced before… 

energetically aligned and divine

energetically aligned and divine

  • ELEVATE your brand to become iconic 
  • ELEVATE your systems to flow more smoothly
  • ELEVATE your sales to receive more revenue
  • ELEVATE your energy to be even more magnetic 
  • ELEVATE your mindset to have unshakeable belief
  • ELEVATE your authority to industry leader status
  • ELEVATE your impact to create even bigger results
  • ELEVATE your identity to become unstoppable 

ELEVATE is an elite level mastermind for online business owners with unstoppable ambition and open hearts, who are passionate about their purpose.

get ready for the expansion
get ready for the expansion


After 6 months of strategy sessions + soul activations, your success will speak for itself. Expect total transformation, smoother sales, and a bigger business that’s more authentic and energetically charged.

client love notes

"She has been so helpful for me and my spiritual business.

Not only have we worked through the analytical marketing process, she has helped me push through my own internal barriers and negative thought patterns. From my work with Liz, my Instagram has grown and my business is thriving. Before we started working together, I had no clients and now I am booking at least one client a day. I love that her work is based in authenticity and led with the heart.

whitley, transpersonal therapist

"Liz’s energy throughout each coaching call was just amazing!

She’s so insightful and so intuitive. I found that with every coaching call I had, I felt so much more grounded in myself and my mission and what I want to bring into this world. I feel that I’m more secure in who I am and what I want to manifest. I’m teaching way more classes than I did before – I’m teaching the most I ever have and I’m getting a whole load of new clients – which is amazing.


"She pushed me to shed all the layers that no longer served me.

Before coaching with Liz, I was largely lost in the direction I would go, no idea what to start first, no long term goals, and no confidence being myself online. Liz helped me to narrow down my focus, figure out how to show up on social media, figure out a brand and business name, and most importantly, she pushed me to shed all the layers that no longer served me. Now, I have a newfound confidence, a beautiful website, direction on social media, paying clients, an upcoming podcast, and a forever spiritual friend and mentor.

Sarah, Astrologer & Human Design Reader
the practical bits

this is all included

Monthly strategy sessions to ELEVATE your sales, marketing and branding so that you can create more cash in your business

Monthly soul activations to ELEVATE your energy body so that you can accelerate your success and receive with ease

Monthly workbooks to spark new ideas and inspiration for each of the 6 core pillars

My Business Expander program ($1212 value) to help you infuse business energetics with proven sales psychology for everything you need to make your brand iconic

A Voxer group to stay connected with the other members of your mastermind 24/7

A members area to access the replays and workbooks while you're inside the mastermind

the 6 month agenda

1st month

total business clarity

Clarity creates confidence in life + business. When you have diamond clear clarity, you can see where you're going and what's not working for you right now. It allows you to cut through the noise and only invest your time and energy in what you're best at. The energetic component of a firm business foundation is having 100% confidence in the path you're taking. This will feed through in your marketing and messaging, and your potential clients will be able to feel this solid connection that you have with what you're offering. 

2nd month

messaging mastery

Your message adds meaning to your work. Communication is an important part of business because it's how you reach people and resonate with them. When you feel clear in your own value and purpose, it will show through your messaging. Marketing becomes very easy to do when you're simply expressing your authentic self through your work. It doesn't have to be hard or complicated, sticking to any particular formula. It can be as simple as saying what you do, who you serve and how you can help them.

3rd month

shadow sabotage

You can be your own worst enemy. We all can. That's why it's so important to understand how you sabotage yourself and why. This will allow you to notice when it's happening so you can immediately get out of your own way. Not everyone is cut out for entrepreneurship. However, I believe that people are called to it as part of their personal development journey. All of your fears will come up to be faced as you pursue more sales. You will have to be bold, brave and express yourself. 

4th month

confidence selling

It's time to sell from your soul. There is the logical, practical side to marketing - and there's also the soulful side. If the ways you're selling feel like a struggle right now, it might be because they're not truly aligned with your heart. For example, some people love to get on video and sell - whereas other people are more suited to the written word. You might love reaching out in the DM's - or you may prefer to send an email blast.

5th month

dream client journey

Entrepreneurs need a stream of clients, because cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. Mastering the optimal route of flow for people journeying through your offers is essential for creating sustainable, long-term business success. You'll need low-ticket offers, mid-ticket offers and high-ticket offers to capture different clients - and the same client at different points on their journey. When they trust you, they will swim upstream through your offer suite to continue their transformation.

6th month

Elevate & Accelerate

It's time to experience THE ELEVATION. You are nearly at the end of your ELEVATE journey. This is your time to reflect on, integrate and embody everything that you've learned so far throughout this process. This means sinking your new knowledge into every cell of your being, vibrating at a new frequency, having absolute certainty and flourishing as a fresh, elevated version of you as an entrepreneur.

your mentor, guide + cheerleader

hi. I'm liz

Award Winning Spiritual Life & Business Coach for entrepreneurs in the wellness world. I’m the author of ‘Living In Tune’ with Hay House and was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine. I’m qualified with a BSc Economics and MA Marketing, as well as being a certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Hypnotherapist.

I always operate from an energy first approach – making everything electric, aligned and fully charged with powerful love energy. I am an amplifier for the people I work with and promise to always hold you in your power, so that you can leap to new heights with full confidence and full support.

What I've been upto:
  • Regularly interviewed on top podcasts and with mainstream UK celebrities 
  • Bestselling published book on intuition sold in stores across the world
  • Over 500k blog reads and 20k+ combined social media following
  • Helping dream clients go from full-time work to full-time in their spiritual business
  • Created a business structure that allows income to drop in most days while I sleep and travel around the world
  • Started my career on the investment banking grad scheme at JP Morgan before becoming a fashion merchandiser 
More satisfied clients

In terms of the results I had, where do I start – there are so many!

I left my part time job so that I could give all of my time and energy to my business. I left London to travel and work remotely for a few months. I also gained clarity on the services I wanted to offer as a business.

Lorna, CBT Therapist + Holistic Coach
and More satisfied clients

my career and my business completely shifted

After coaching with Liz, my attitude about myself, my career and my business completely shifted. Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and mind blowing sessions Liz! You opened up valuable new perspectives on my life and current circumstances, helping me both professionally and personally. Your support gave me full approval for the growth in my business I desired, and my personal success!

Bee, Empowerment Coach
WHO this mastermind is for...

Are you being called to elevate?

  • You’re willing to do the work and commit totally to your growth, stepping beyond your limits and exploring what’s possible 
  • You want it ALL and you’re prepared to balance both your masuline and feminine energy channels for full flow 
  • You have a soulful business you love and the majority of your operations are online. You use social media and a website for your marketing and branding.
  • You love learning, reflecting and growing. You have big, bold dreams and are driven to keep creating a life + business you love.
step inside + thrive

The business mastermind with heart and soul

You’ll have support for 6 months as you scale your business and amplify your energy to achieve the massive results you’re manifesting. If more sales, more magnetic marketing + more freedom are on your agenda, ELEVATE is a structure designed to move you forward towards your dreams at greater speed. Reach for the unreachable. Achieve what’s never been done before. Experience the impossible.

Frequently asked questions

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed. Everyone is different, with unique skills and their own life path – which means that no coach, healer or teacher can ever guarantee a certain outcome. However, you will be equipped with all of the tools to help you up level your marketing and branding, while stepping into your next level of entrepreneurial power mentally and energetically. Use these tools as you wish!

There are 6 core pillars which define the theme for each month (see The 6 Month Agenda above). We’ll have a strategy session + soul activation call live together as a group each month, and you’ll receive a workbook to complete in your own time.

If you can’t attend a live call, the replays will be uploaded to the members area. 

You will be connected to your group at all times in Voxer (a free app you can download on your phone), so you can chat, ask questions and have access to support.

You will have full access to everything for the 6 months that you’re in the mastermind. Once your time is up, your access to the Voxer group and members area will be deleted.

However, you will have lifetime access to the Business Expander™ program that’s included!

If you’re already in my Business Expander program, you can take the price you paid off the price of ELEVATE!

Just send me a DM or email to say you’re joining the mastermind and you’ll get given a unique discount code to the amount of what you paid for Business Expander.