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Because you love being spiritual... 👇🏾

But you don’t know how you could make it into a career.

You’ve only ever had jobs which didn’t completely fulfil you because you need to earn money (duh…), but you also know that you’ll never be completely happy until you’re making a difference. No-one around you does spiritual work, so you don’t have anyone who understands that desire within you – and you’re worried about people thinking you’re weird or crazy…

But you know differently.

You’ve seen the power of your energy, and you know that it’s time to share the spiritual side of you that could uplift and serve SO MANY other people. You know a lot about spirituality, and you’re aware that you have some skills in that area – but you literally don’t know where to start! Or even if you have, your following isn’t anything to shout about… and you feel envious and inadequate when you look at other people in your area who seem to be achieving everything that YOU want to.

You know that something’s missing. But you don’t know quite what.

You’re trying your hardest, but you’re not getting the results; either in growing your following, creating engaged customers, or the income. Or all of the above! You’ve had enough of living a normal life… And you know that it’s not going to get you anywhere (you’ve been doing it long enough). You’ve tried everything else that you’ve wanted to try, and now it’s time for you to start living your dream and doing what your soul knows you should be doing! You can’t ignore it anymore. Now is your chance to answer your calling and make a bloody big impact

How would your life be different if…

🚀 You could spend most of your work day in a state of blissful flow, joy and ease?

🚀 Money came to you as a result of doing more of what you love, and less of what you don't?

🚀 You could go to sleep every night knowing that you'd made an impact in someone's life?

✨ ✨ ✨

You know that you already have everything in you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. You just know that there’s something extra that you need, and that’s a helping hand to guide you forward in the most productive way that’ll be an effective use of your limited time.

If you want to make it work? I can show you how.

I’ve been where you are: working full-time and getting up an hour earlier every morning just to learn about spirituality online, and then I’d go home at the end of the day and learn all evening too. It became my hobby, my obsession, and now it’s my life. I know that I’ll never do any other work again until I die; I don't want to retire anymore, because there’s nothing that I want to escape from! It’s my calling and my mission to help people on Earth with their spirituality, and I want to help spiritual people who are stuck with what to do next, getting organised, and the business side of things.

I can help with all that…

It's easy as one-two-three

1-On-1 Coaching



Get organised, think empowering thoughts, and enjoy having a new expansive belief system that supports you in your success.



Follow your intuition towards the actions and outcomes which feel easy and aligned. This is the most magical space for manifesting new opportunities!



The social media, the branding, the offers, the audience, the pricing, what you’re going to do next and when… let’s make it happen and get you unstuck!

Introducing a 3-month program which will give you expert one-to-one support as you start the best journey of your life…

✨ 1 ✨

Prepare to live every day with a new mindset of success, as you leave self-doubt behind.

✨ 2 ✨

Prepare to manifest quicker than you ever have before, as you listen to your intuition and align your energy with what you want.

✨ 3 ✨

Prepare to see big, tangible results as you spend your time on the practical steps which will actually get you the outcome you want (no more blogs with 7 views and Instagram posts with 10 likes!)

All I need is you, your passion, and your genuine desire to make an honest difference in the world. I have the rest.

on MY coaching program, you'll get guided 1:1 support to turn your spiritual passion into a fun, thriving business that you can gain an income from

I'll show you how...



I live and breathe both sides. I’m all about the spiritual, the energy and the intuitive guidance – and I’m also about the practical steps that you’ll need to build a sustainable spiritual empire.

i break everything down

And I make any business talk FUN and easy-to-understand, so that I can help spiritual people with no business experience to apply the tools I teach and become successful. 

I won't throw jargon at you

I don’t want to confuse you. I don’t want to make things complicated. Let’s keep it super simple and effective to get you results.

I understand the spiritual customer

They’re unique and different rules apply to the regular business world. It’s important to have a Spiritual Coach as your guide who really understands the market you’re going in to.

The results you can expect...

✔️ You’ll be able to build a following of amazing, high vibe customers online. This will help you to reach more people than ever by using social media to create real, lasting connections.

✔️ You’ll be able to turn your spiritual gifts into a tangible business that will create an income for you.

✔️ You’ll finally be able to do what you love.


"I've had the pleasure of working with Liz on her 3 month coaching programme and it has been a total and utter joy! Liz has helped me to make huge shifts in my belief system, increased my confidence in my writing, and enabled me to reconnect with building an offering I'm so passionate about. Since working with Liz I've started writing my next book, have a clear plan ahead of the steps required to build my business and the skills I'll need to do it. I've learnt the importance of building an online community and found joy again in creating content for my Instagram page and mailers - both of which have grown in the months we've worked together. Liz has introduced me to Tarot and I have loved my monthly readings - most of which brought me to tears they were to accurate! I can't recommend her coaching enough, she is a total joy to work with!"
"Liz has been my coach for the past couple of months and I can not recommend her enough! She is truly such an amazing soul and has been so helpful for me and my spiritual business. Not only have we worked through the analytical marketing process, she has helped me push through my own internal barriers and negative thought patterns. From my work with Liz, my Instagram has grown, and my business is thriving. Before we started working together, I had no clients and now I am booking at least one client a day. I love that her work is based in authenticity and led with the heart. Perfect balance around structure and self care. Thanks again Liz!"
"Liz’s coaching program is focused and growth-centric. Before, I knew that I had something in me, but I was totally unable to locate my abilities and potential. Now, I am a money magnet. These are the things that make Liz’s coaching program worth it:-
1. The day I started my coaching with Liz was the day I started gaining confidence.
2. Visible results from the second coaching call.
3. I started my own business even before reaching the middle of the coaching.
4. Earned back the money I paid for the coaching in the first three months of setting up my business.
5. You will be guided at every step and Liz will make you self reliant. She never makes people dependent on her.
Her coaching is worth every penny and you will be a changed person; even my physical and mental health, plus relationships got better! What else I could ask for? Changed my life."

1-On-1 Premium Coaching







Hi, I'm Liz Roberta...


A Spiritual Coach, professional Tarot Reader and online entrepreneur 👋🏽

I never felt like I fit in anywhere because I was too spiritual for the business world and too organised and business-y for the spiritual world. I realise now that my job is to bring the two together.

After studying Economics, I started my career on the graduate scheme at the world’s no.1 investment bank before winning a scholarship for an MA in Fashion Marketing & Branding and graduating top of the year. I went to work at the 2nd biggest fashion retailer on the UK high street as a Merchandiser, and it was while I was there that I had my spiritual awakening and used every spare hour I had to dive deeper into spirituality.

I also started in the online world with an FBA business and a drop-shipping business while I was working full-time. Then, after going back to my old University to give a guest lecture about working in fashion, my old head of course offered me a teaching job on the Master’s course I’d done!

I have also qualified as a certified Meditation Teacher, Life Coach and in Reiki Level 1.

From everything that life has led me through, I’ve discovered that my soul’s purpose is to be a spiritual messenger and I deliver messages every day through my readings, teaching and writing. I want to help you to connect with your gifts, while showing you how to connect other people with your gifts too. The time is now…

I can’t wait to guide you over the next 3 months. If you’re ready to get started, set up a 15 minute call through the “APPLY NOW” link!

This is for you if…

✔️ You’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, and you want someone to give you the shortcuts that you need to succeed.

✔️ You feel like you’ve tried everything to grow your online presence and start a business, but it’s just not working as well as you thought it would and you don’t know why.

✔️ You’re frustrated and ready for a big change in your life. You want to fully embrace your spirituality and connect with more amazing spiritual people – who will soon become your clients once they know what you’re capable of.

This is NOT for you if…

❌ You don’t want to use or be on social media at all (it’s a huge and ever-growing part of business these days)

❌ Your business or business idea isn’t in the realm of spirituality and personal growth

❌ You’re not 100% committed to your growth, transformation and success.

If you’ve made it this far, it shows that you are someone who is seriously thinking about making a change.

There is something in your soul which has called you here and if you’ve made it all this way, there’s a reason.

There really is no better time than the present when it comes to following your dreams. Each day that you’re not living your purpose is a day that you’re missing out on a happiness and fulfilment greater than words can describe!

Don’t let another year go by before you decide to invest in yourself and your dreams.

You are so capable.

If you're ready to take action and make a change, click "apply now" and let's make your dreams into a reality!

hAve more questions?

I usually run my coaching calls on Zoom, but we can also use Skype if you prefer.

I’ll contact you in advance to arrange a time and date that works for both of us, and I’ll email you an invite to the Zoom/Skype call. 

During the call, we will talk through the Workbook for that week of the program. I’ll send you the Workbook at least 1 week before the call so that you have time to go through it and email it back to me. I’ll pick up on any areas that need attention, and on our calls we’ll come up with an action plan for how you can start moving forward in a more positive way and get some big, tangible results! We’ll also catch up on your progress from the previous weeks, and anything that we’ve discussed in-between the coaching calls.

Absolutely! I would love to help you get set up so that you’re clear on where you need to go next, and we’ll create a solid action plan together. We’ll make sure that your idea and path forward feel fully aligned with you and what you want to achieve.

If you’re getting the inspiration through and feeling an urge to get started, the Universe is telling you that it’s time – let’s make it happen together and I’ll give you the support that you need to get your idea off the ground!

If you’re not getting the results that you want, and there’s things that you want to change about your everyday life but you don’t know how – it’s likely that you need a coach.

Having a coach makes your life easier because you have someone who can guide you forward and notice your “blind spots” where your beliefs and actions aren’t matching up to the reality that you want to create. It’s very hard (even impossible) to see these for ourselves because of our own biases and limiting beliefs about what we can achieve. I want to show you what’s really possible for you and help you to unlock your full potential so that you can create a more fulfilling life.

Once you have paid for your coaching, I’ll contact you to ask which $45 Tarot reading option you would like as your free gift.

You can choose from: 1) a General Guidance reading, 2) a Love & Relationships reading, or 3) a Money & Career reading. 

These are all of the same Tarot reading options that are available in the store of my website, and will be delivered in the same way. Within a week of placing your request, I’ll film your personal free Tarot reading and send you a link to the video that I have filmed of me doing your reading for you.

No – this is a structured 3-month success coaching program which has been carefully designed to improve your energy, your mindset and equip you with the practical steps that you need. From the results that I’ve had with previous clients, each step of the program is transformative in a different way and equally as important as the last.

After you’ve been through the 3-month program, you’ll see that it was worth it.

All of this information will be in the legal contract that I’ll send you to sign before taking payment and starting the coaching program.

Life happens, so you’re allowed to reschedule a call once – but if calls are constantly being moved, it creates a lot of uncertainty and wasted time in my diary and yours. This coaching program is an investment of your time and a commitment to change, which is reflected in your financial investment. Make sure that you’re all in before signing that contract!

Still got questions? Send me an email at

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