3-Month Success Program for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to expand, elevate and activate your potential…?

If you don’t feel like your gifts are being seen, it’s because a shift is needed.

This could be in your mindset, your energy, or the practical action steps that you’re taking in your business – which is why I will help you to align all 3 of these areas with massive success that feels fun, fulfilling and financially abundant…

Does this sound like you?

You’re trying your hardest but you’re not getting the results that you want, either in growing your brand, creating engaged followers, or receiving a high income.

You’re naturally intuitive but not fully trusting your own guidance yet. You want to open up your spiritual senses even more so that you can apply them in business and help people. 

You’ve consumed so many free masterclasses, videos, podcasts and courses but now you’re ready to get clarity and invest in a powerful personalised business plan.

You know that working in the regular world isn’t for you so you feel called to be an entrepreneur and go your own way. You’re done with the 9-5 life!

Spiritual success 3-month coaching program

If you were made for this work...

If you’re feeling an inner nudge that you’re meant to be sharing your spiritual gifts, then it’s not going to go away.

When you know that your purpose is to be of service and uplift others, no other type of work is ever going to feel quite as good.

Your unique calling is never going to leave you alone until you answer it, which is why I became a coach to help other spiritual people rise using my years of experience in the business world and lecturing in marketing on a master’s degree course…

With the mindset, the magic and the marketing – you can create an amazing life for you & the clients you serve!

the success you want to create is possible

What were you born to do?

Being a business owner can be the most fun, free and expansive way to live your life because it opens up the door to unlimited possibilities. Unlimited income. Unlimited days off. Unlimited time to arrange around your life however you wish. When you’re the only person in charge of you, you can make your life into your own ideal version of reality… 

Without a coach:

With the help of a coach:

1:1 coaching and mentorship

Spiritual Success 3-Month Program

I will help you to tap into your intuitive compass while giving you all of the practical tips and tools that you’ll need to attract a paying audience.

“Before coaching with Liz, I had essentially an Instagram handle and maybe 20-25 total posts. I was largely lost in the direction I would go, no idea what to start first, no long term goals, and no confidence being myself online. Within the 3 month program, Liz helped me to narrow down my focus, figure out how to show up on social media, figure out a brand and business name, and most importantly, she pushed me to shed all the layers that no longer served me. Now, I have a newfound confidence, a beautiful website, direction on social media, paying clients, an upcoming podcast, and a forever spiritual friend and mentor.”

Sarah james carter, Astrologer & human design reader

“Once I signed up for spiritual coaching with Liz, I finally arrived home in spirituality. She used all of her beautiful energy to be an amazing mentor for me to look up to. Liz has helped me to learn how to journal and taught me self love which was a major breakthrough in the coaching process. Since I am Deaf, she made sure to make everything in the program accessible for me. She encouraged me to be in alignment with my soul and the spiritual work I am here to do. I can’t thank her enough!

Koribella, healer & tarot reader

“Since working with Liz, I have felt my spiritual practices expand and deepen and I feel much closer to a spiritual way of life. I’m much better at spotting my limiting beliefs and can deal with overwhelming feelings about launching my business much more efficiently than I used to. I’m really going to miss our calls, but the benefits of the Spiritual Success program have been life changing and I feel more empowered in starting my own work as a Spiritual Coach than I ever have before!”

Cosmic chantelle, spiritual coach

The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

On my coaching program, you’ll get guided 1:1 support to turn your spiritual passion into a fun, thriving business that is both fulfilling and abundant. 

coaching pillar 1

The Magic

Your energy and intuition are the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal. They’re unique to you and they’re your internal compass telling you which avenues in your business are going to bring you the most abundance.

coaching pillar 2

The marketing

People need to know about your services and it’s this practical step which can be a huge stumbling block. With my experience in building an audience and learning traditional business & marketing, we will get you noticed by the people who need you.

coaching pillar 3

The Mindset

The best things will come to you when you believe you deserve them, so each session we will work through layers of your mental programming to make sure that you can support your own entrepreneurial success.

Bonuses (value £457)

Enroll now and you'll also get these bonuses totally FREE!


Exclusive access to online programs

This 4 week online course (+ bonuses) is designed to help you awaken your inner divinity by tuning in to your own source of self love. This course includes energy clearings, workbooks, hypnoses, and video trainings on topics like the heart chakra, forgiveness and the power of vulnerability.


Soul Activation Session (£100 value)

We’ll book in an extra 1 hour call for your Soul Activation session. In this session, I will clear your energy and tune in to any messages that you need to hear by using my intuition and Tarot cards. This isn’t a service I offer outside of this program so it’s exclusively for my coaching clients!


3 ebook bundle (£24 value)

On starting the program, you’ll be sent your free copies of How To Be A Successful Blogger, How To Make A Beautiful Instagram, and Declutter, Destress, Buy Less. You can read these ebooks at your own pace to support everything else that you’re learning & implementing throughout the program.

Plus, You'll also get

On the program, you'll also have access to...

6 coaching Calls

We will have a call roughly every 2 weeks to work on your marketing, mindset and magic.

full support & advice

For 3 months, you have total access to me! Message me when you need help or guidance, and I will check in with you regularly.

6 coaching Workbooks

For each call, you will have a workbook to complete – these have proven to be hugely transformational!

Start Your Coaching Program

If you want to accelerate your business growth and take the stress away from figuring it all out on your own, this container is APPLICATION ONLY and you can register your interest below

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“Liz has helped me to make huge shifts in my belief system, increased my confidence in writing, and enabled me to reconnect with building an offering I’m so passionate about. Since working with Liz, I’ve started writing my next book, have a clear plan ahead of the steps required to build my business, and the skills I’ll need to do it. I’ve learned the importance of building an online community and found joy again in creating content for my Instagram and mailers – both of which have grown in the months we’ve worked together. I can’t recommend her coaching enough, she is a total joy to work with!”

Bridget leonard, author & coach

“Liz has been my coach for the past couple of months and I cannot recommend her enough! She is truly such an amazing soul and has been so helpful for me and my spiritual business. Not only have we worked through the analytical marketing process, she has helped me push through my own internal barriers and negative thought patterns. From my work with Liz, my Instagram has grown and my business is thriving. Before we started working together, I had no clients and now I am booking at least one client a day. I love that her work is based in authenticity and led with the heart.”

Whitley rose, transpersonal therapist

“Liz’s coaching program is focused and growth-centric. Before, I knew that I had something in me, but I was totally unable to locate my abilities and potential. Now, I am a money magnet. The day I started my coaching with Liz was the day I started gaining confidence. Her coaching is worth every penny and you will be a changed person; even my physical and mental health, plus relationships got better! What else could I ask for? Changed my life.”

Sarabjeet kaur, tarot reader & blogger

My philosophy

The Intuition + The Entrepreneur

For too long, these things have been viewed as separate forces. However, I believe that spirituality can be your superpower for creating wealth, impact and entrepreneurial success. My job is to blend these two things together so that I can guide people in the best way possible, while empowering my clients to maximise their skills and turn them into successful, self-sustaining spiritual businesses.

Is the Spiritual Success program for you?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Why I'm Different From Other Coaches...

I know spiritual customers

They’re unique and different rules apply to the regular business world. It’s important to have a Spiritual Coach as your guide who really understands the market you’re going into.

i love both sides

I’m all about the spiritual, the energy, and the intuitive guidance – and I’m also about the practical steps that you’ll need to build a sustainable spiritual empire.

i break everything down

And I make any business talk fun and easy-to-understand, so that I can help spiritual people with no business experience to apply the tools I teach and become successful. 

Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Liz Roberta

An Award Winning Spiritual Coach who helps entrepreneurs to set up and scale successful spiritual businesses. I started my brand on Instagram in 2018 and have grown it to the point where I’ve done card readings for thousands of people and now coach business owners all over the world.

I was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine and am the host of The Spiritual Success Podcast with Liz Roberta. I also write the Millennial Manifestor blog at LizRoberta.com.

I have qualified as a certified Meditation Teacher, Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner, in addition to my BSc & MA in Economics and Marketing.

Outside of work, my passions are great coffee, living on the coast, and really early mornings.

As seen on:

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a symbiotic relationship between two people who are both committed to creating positive change. A coach uplifts while offering knowledge and experience, whereas the client implements what they’ve taken away from the session and embodies the up level that they have committed to with their own cash. Personally, I believe that coaching can’t be done with a cookie cutter approach, so when clients come to me, it’s always because they intuitively felt like they were drawn to. 

I usually run my coaching calls on Zoom, but we can also use Skype if you prefer. You will schedule the calls in my calendar using Calendly.

During the call, we will talk through the Workbook for that week of the program. I’ll send you the Workbook at least 1 week before the call so that you have time to go through it and email it back to me. I’ll pick up on any areas that need attention, and on our calls we’ll come up with an action plan for how you can start moving forward in a more positive way and get some big, tangible results! We’ll also catch up on your progress from the previous weeks, and anything that we’ve discussed in-between the coaching calls.

Absolutely! I would love to help you get set up so that you’re clear on where you need to go next, and we’ll create a solid action plan together. We’ll make sure that your idea and path forward feel fully aligned with you and what you want to achieve.

If you’re getting the inspiration through and feeling an urge to get started, the Universe is telling you that it’s time – let’s make it happen together and I’ll give you the support that you need to get your idea off the ground!

If you’re not getting the results that you want, and there’s things that you want to change about your everyday life but you don’t know how – it’s likely that you need a coach.

Having a coach makes your life easier because you have someone who can guide you forward and notice your “blind spots” where your beliefs and actions aren’t matching up to the reality that you want to create. It’s very hard (even impossible) to see these for ourselves because of our own biases and limiting beliefs about what we can achieve. I want to show you what’s really possible for you and help you to unlock your full potential so that you can create a more fulfilling life.

At any point in the program, you can book in your Soul Activation session. This takes place as a live 1 hour call on Zoom.

We will clear your energy, channel messages, and use Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards to see what will help you most at that time. Through the energy clearing and upgrades that happen, as well as the insights and clarity from the messages, this session can initiate huge shifts.

After this session, make sure you have a good rest – and you might want to bring your notepad to write down any messages that come through!

No – this is a structured 3-month success coaching program which has been carefully designed to improve your energy, your mindset and equip you with the practical steps that you need. From the results that I’ve had with previous clients, each step of the program is transformative in a different way and equally as important as the last.

All of this information will be in the legal contract that I’ll send you to sign before taking payment and starting the coaching program.

Life happens, so you’re allowed to reschedule a call once – but if calls are constantly being moved, it creates a lot of uncertainty and wasted time in my diary and yours. This coaching program is an investment of your time and a commitment to change, which is reflected in your financial investment. Make sure that you’re all in before signing that contract!

Ready to Uplevel in Your Business?

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3 monthly payments of


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the Spiritual Success program. You can also email directly at hello@lizroberta.com or reach out on Instagram @iamLizRoberta

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