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  • Why You Should Celebrate All The Small Wins

    As an entrepreneur, you don’t always have stability, especially at the beginning.

    You never know when your next win’s going to come in, or your next cause for celebration.

    I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had my best month in business so far in April, along with getting my Soul & Spirit article published, and an exciting award nomination which I’ll be announcing in the next 2 weeks 🏆

    I have a lucky 3’s rule and it’s definitely true this month! As I’m seeing these things coming off my vision board, I’ve been having mini celebrations; but it’s got me thinking – when is the big celebration?

    One of my favourite documentaries of all time is The Defiant Ones. I’ve watched the whole series through 3 times in the last 2 years, and I find it so inspirational because it shows the real rise to success of people like Jimmy Iovine, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many more of my success heroes.

    Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails says in it that his success was built brick-by-brick, so there was no ‘one day’ where he suddenly had success…

    As an inspired person, it can be too easy to just want to race towards the next thing and hit the next milestone. Maybe you’re trying to get that new business off the ground. Maybe you’re trying to create a new income so that you can escape from a job you hate.

    But the small wins are the only wins.

    There’s no ‘one day’ where you’ll get everything at once, so have a mini success party for every amazing thing that happens. This is a way of being super grateful; by having a private energetic party for yourself and raising your vibration.

    This is also an amazing thing to do if you’re in a low mood. You can still celebrate doing the food shop, you can still celebrate cooking a meal, and you can still celebrate getting yourself up, ready and dressed.

    There is so much to celebrate in everyday life.

    It’s not all doom and gloom. There are wins in everyday life. There are wins happening in your business. Wins happening in the ideas that you’re getting now which will turn into something that create abundance, prosperity and fulfilment for you in the future.

    Winning is not a single event, winning is done through small individual things coming into fruition. You won’t ever look back and think: “Wow, I’ve done it all!

    You’ll look back many different times and think: “How did I get from there to here? Life is so much better now.

    No-one else may see the small wins or they might not think your small wins are big enough to celebrate.

    But YOU know the work you’ve put in and YOU know what it took. YOU know what you’ve overcome, so it’s YOUR responsibility to celebrate your small wins – even if no-one else will celebrate them with you.

    The small wins are the only wins there are. They will get bigger and bigger and bigger, but they’re all individual in nature. Don’t expect your vision board to turn into 3D all at once. Things will come off one by one when the time is right for them to manifest.

    Count your small wins every day as things to be grateful for. Everyone’s wins will look different but they’re all important to the person who has won them.

    What do you have to celebrate today?



  • 5 Books That Will Change How You See The World

    As it’s World Book Day on 5th March, I was trying to think of a book-related blog that I could give you even though I already wrote The 5 Best Self Help Books Of All Time 📚

    So, this is a roundup of the books which promise to make you see things differently. After reading each of these titles, I experienced a profound shift. My eyes were opened to what each author was telling me, and I haven’t been able to return to my old way of thinking since.

    I hope these books will open your mind to new ways of seeing the world too…


    “The Tipping Point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behaviour crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire…” – Malcolm Gladwell


    It makes you realise that, as individuals, we have huge power to create change in the world. Just like a tiny match that looks so small, while being able to bring down a whole town.

    WHY I ❤️ IT…

    Malcolm Gladwell is my favourite author so anything he writes is immediately a winner in my eyes. His journalistic style is what makes this book so convincing (he’s worked at The New Yorker & The Washington Post) and it’s packed full of fascinating research and anecdotes to illustrate what he’s saying. His point is that the effect of social contagion is the secret ingredient you’ll need if you want to create a change worthy of making the history books. Because even if at first it looks like nothing is happening, it might eventually reach a critical mass…

    A pivotal moment. A Tipping Point.

    Whether it’s a fashion trend, a global epidemic or a cultural zeitgeist – with enough time, luck and momentum – anything that starts off small can become significant. That’s why this book has the power to change how you think. I haven’t read Greta Thunberg’s book but I’m guessing the message is similar. No-one is too small to make a difference.



    It shows you that there is life after death and that miracles are possible, as long as they serve a higher purpose. I’m much less worried about my own death after reading this book.

    WHY I ❤️ IT…

    If you want to know where people go when they die, this book will tell you. Like all of my best books, I’ve passed my own copy on to my mum, and then my friend Jessica to read. I’ve never doubted that our soul survives without a body, but Anita Moorjani literally tells you what happens next and what the experience of dying is like, first-hand. This might sound morbid and depressing, but it’s actually the opposite.

    It’s very apparent that the death is far more upsetting for the people still living, rather than the soul who’s exiting Earth. As you might have guessed, the author Anita Moorjani was given permission to come back to life and have a second chance (as long as she shared this message) so this is a touching personal memoir about a near-death experience (NDE). It’s beautifully written and I engulfed this one pretty quickly because I couldn’t put it down and wanted to know what happened next – pun intended.

    marie kondo


    When I was young, I believed that my teddy bears and toys were alive, but as adults, we’re made to believe that this kind of thinking is silly. Marie Kondo sprinkles some of that magic back into your life with this book.

    WHY I ❤️ IT…

    Again, I gave this one to my mum to read! And she was reluctant to take it off my hands because she thought it would be a boring how-to-tidy guide with infographics about folding clothes. The cover doesn’t give much away (Marie Kondo is a Japanese minimalist after all) but the reason that this book has been so successful is that it’s touching, uplifting and a beautiful read. With no diagrams in sight.

    Marie didn’t decide to leave her optimism behind just because she turned 18, and I think that’s why people love her; we all want to feel that way again. She loves her possessions as if they’re alive, and thinks our belongings should be loved and adored to keep them happy and functioning. You might guess that her message is about owning less, but it’s actually about truly feeling grateful for everything you own. There’s a hidden spiritual current throughout this book as she talks about keeping what “sparks joy”, letting go, and feeling abundant with everything you already have. It’s also fun to learn how she freaks out her clients by kneeling down on the floor and greeting “the house” before them.



    It makes you think of a brand as a life force that connects people, rather than an empty business – which is super helpful if you have one.

    WHY I ❤️ IT…

    I’ve read a lot of marketing books and this one is my all time fave. I actually recommend it to any of my coaching clients that I’m helping with their spiritual business because it makes the whole process of marketing and branding seem incredibly easy, fun and intuitive. For your brand to attract your perfect clients, it should reflect your internal passion and therefore it should be fun!

    Donald Miller is a multiple New York Times Bestselling author and when you read his writing it’s clear why. This book is like candy to read, and it will make you feel more inspired about your brand than ever before as he guides you through how to bring it to life and make it flourish as a result. I only wish there were more business books this inspiring.



    I hate winter and English weather in general, but this book made me think it’s not so bad.

    WHY I ❤️ IT…

    Instead of grey clouds, wind and umbrellas – think candles, blankets and hot cocoa. This is the general theme of the book: embrace the bad weather for what can be good about it.

    The Danish are said to be the happiest people in the world, in spite of the terrible weather they have (like us in the UK + other places in northern Europe and North America). But why do the Danes consistently come out on top in happiness surveys? Because they fill their lives with a little Hygge.

    They celebrate being able to spend time together inside, safe from the cold, with snuggly socks and deep conversations by the fire. It’s also possible to Hygge in Summer too, but what really stood out to me was the enjoying winter part, because that was the tonic that I really needed from this book. A great gift (it was a Christmas present to me from my mother) for anyone who needs a new perspective on enjoying life, whatever the weather.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Can you recommend any books which have changed how YOU see the world? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!



  • How To Set Goals For An Abundant Year ✨

    The “new year, new you” rhetoric is pretty old. We’ve gone through a lot of years by now and know that they fly past quicker each time, so you can give yourself a break for not achieving absolutely EVERYTHING that you want to in a single solitary year.

    But I think 2020 is special for more than the fact that it’s a new year – it’s the first year of a whole new decade!

    You’re here, reading this because you’re a manifestor who knows and loves the Law of Attraction. So, more than what you want to get for 2020 and the decade that follows, you need to be thinking about who you most want to be. 

    The person you decide to embody will define your energetic expectations of what is normal, necessary and what you deserve.

    You are a free, luminous soul and you can become anything that you want to be. Escape the limits of who you think you should be, and step into the possibility of who you can become…

    As a double Earth sign, organisation is my jam and I love to make lists. But even if you’re not similar to me in that way, I know that you are also continually working on your mindset so that you can become a better version of yourself.

    For this reason, I want you to choose whether you’re going to set Action Based Goals or Outcome Based Goals for 2020 so that you can manifest all of the success you desire.

    outcome based goal setting mindset Tony robbins

    When you make an outcome based goal for yourself, you’re setting an intention that you’re going to receive something. Some examples of outcome based goals could be:

    ↠ I’m going to have an article featured on Forbes by 2021

    ↠ My boyfriend will propose this year

    ↠ I will make $10,000 a month consistently in sales during Q3 & Q4 of 2020

    We all have our own wins that we want and outcome based goals offer something concrete to strive for, as well as being super satisfying to tick off your list when you finally get the prize.

    Top Manifesting Tip: What’s the reason for your outcome based goals? Your why is the energy and intent that’s creating your new manifestation. The why behind your why carries huge power over whether you reach your outcome based goals or not!

    It’s good to have a few of these goals for 2020, but if you’re chasing things out of scarcity and desperation, they’ll stay on that list of yours for years to come. Use your intuition to tap into what will make your heart and soul happy, because they’re the outcomes that will genuinely bring you the most joy and satisfaction.

    To set outcome based goals, ask yourself: 1) what you want to achieve, 2) by when, and – most importantly – 3) why…

    action based goal setting mindset Tony Robbins mindvalley

    On the other hand, action based goals can feel a whole lot scarier to write down because we’re committing to actually DO something. It can feel easier and more fun to dream up outcome based goals without planning how on earth we’re going to achieve them, but an action based goal is a promise that you make to yourself. Such as:

    ↠ I’m going to do my first TEDx talk in 2020

    ↠ I will create my first online course this year

    ↠ My morning routine will include writing down 3 things I’m grateful for every day

    I would encourage you to add more action based than outcome based goals to your 2020 list because they are strategic planning steps. You’ll need to plan the actions that will get you to your outcome based goals anyway, so by including some steps here – you’re saving yourself a job that’s too easily forgotten.

    Unpopular Manifesting Fact: Without doing the action steps that will move you closer to what you want, you may as well wait for unicorns to bring it to you…

    The actions that you set yourself in 2020 show what you’re serious about achieving. Get clear on what aligned action looks like for you and what you think you could realistically accomplish within a 1-year timeframe.

    To set action based goals, ask yourself: 1) what you would love to do, 2) specifically which brand/number/aspiration you’re aiming for, and 3) why you want to do it…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Your soul wants to experience all of your desires. Don’t hold back and lie to yourself by only writing down small goals that will uphold the illusion of feeling safe and secure.

    Scare yourself. Think about the action steps. Get specific, not vague. See the challenges between you and your goals by staying grounded, but know that you can see the solutions when you connect your intuition to the source above.

    You are so ready for this.



  • 8 Signs That You Have A Fear Of Failure

    I remember being sent to see the school counsellor in Year 8 because the whole class had been given a form to fill out, asking what our biggest fears and worries were. If I’d known that any answer would automatically lead to an appointment being booked, I wouldn’t have been so honest…

    But I didn’t, and so I wrote: A fear of failure.

    This fear is one of the 3 main fears that I see, alongside the fear of judgement and of change. Fear is the invisible barrier that holds us back from achieving our full potential, and when we think that there’s a high chance we’ll fall – we won’t even make the leap.

    How many times have you wanted to go for something but didn’t, because the risk of not getting it made your stomach sink? How often have your dreams been squashed by the weight of your own expectations? Or drowned out by your own questions of whether you thought you were enough?

    Overcoming a fear of failure is entirely possible if you allow yourself to be guided by inspired action, and realise that failure is a great way for you to refine your craft.

    However, the first step towards any type of change is acceptance, which means recognising that you have a fear of failure in the first place.

    Here are 8 signs that you might…

    1 ⋆☽  Procrastination and avoidance  ☾⋆

    Do you distract yourself with laundry, lists and other chores when there’s something important to be done? We often find it easier to procrastinate and avoid investing our time and energy into something that we think we may fail at. If you find yourself avoiding something which could benefit you and potentially have a big payoff, it might be because you’re scared of failing.

    2 ⋆☽  Perfectionism  ☾⋆

    Do you keep doing and redoing something, but it never seems to be quite right? Being scared to release something into the world shows that you don’t think it’s good enough yet, and so you believe it’s destined for failure. Perfectionism is often rooted in low self-esteem, and it’s a way that we try to make ourselves good enough through our actions (which we can control); but the truth is – you were born good enough! No amount of perfectionism can ever protect you from failure, as the risk of it hides around every corner. All of the most successful people know that failure is an inevitable part of success, regardless of how good the work is that they’re putting out.

    3 ⋆☽  Worrying excessively about what others think of you  ☾⋆

    If we don’t see ourselves as good enough, we’re likely to be afraid that others will think the same. Failing can be embarrassing, and if we want to control what others think of us, it might seem smart to avoid anything which could possibly lead to failure. But, it’s not! We can never control what other people think of us and it’s their prerogative to think things that are untrue or unkind. Never let somebody else’s opinion have more power over you than your own.

    4 ⋆☽  Indecisive  ☾⋆

    When we’re afraid that failure could be lurking behind our next step, it can cause us paralysis by analysis as we try and figure out how to avoid it. The best way to combat indecision is to follow your internal guidance system as closely as possible. Inspired action is the best antidote to your fear of failure as you’ll know that you’re being guided along by a purpose greater than you.

    5 ⋆☽  Negative self-talk  ☾⋆

    Our inner critic would have a lot to say if we were to fail, which might be another reason for us not to try at all. If you’re used to being riddled with doubt, your negative self-talk could be another sign that you have a fear of failure. It can be hard to spot when your own thoughts aren’t productive, but what goes on inside our mind can be our worst enemy. Don’t talk yourself out of things that you want to do because you can’t be 100% certain what the outcome will be – we’ll never truly know until we try.

    6 ⋆☽  Doubting yourself  ☾⋆

    How many times have you felt like you could have done more? Self-love is a skill that can be practised, and it’s the best way to combat perfectionist tendencies. It can be really difficult to accept that what you’ve done is good enough – even if it leads to failure – but it might not work out this time around simply because divine timing has something better in store for you. If something is right for you, your day will always come.

    7 ⋆☽  Hiding from opportunities  ☾⋆

    Afraid to try or afraid to fail? If you’re saying ‘no’ to things when a part of you wants to say ‘yes’, it’s probably an invisible fear of failure speaking for you. In the moment, it can seem easier to hide from things that are scary. But, over the long term, hiding from great opportunities will only erode your self-esteem as you miss out on the chance to prove what you’re actually capable of. Overcoming a fear of failure means feeling the fear but then doing it anyway!

    8 ⋆☽  Too cosy in your comfort zone  ☾⋆

    Ahhh doesn’t it feel comfortable to keep doing what you’ve always done? We all like our own habits because they feel cosy and familiar, but staying safe within our own boundaries can be a one-way ticket to frustrationville. Every once in a while, challenge yourself to step outside of your boundaries and get comfortable with the feeling of discomfort instead. Many of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs attribute their success to being able to do this. Stepping outside of your comfort zone takes practice, but the rewards for your career, lifestyle and bravery can be enormous.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Being afraid of failure is a normal human emotion, but it can be insidious to our wellbeing and success. Next time an opportunity feels too challenging, ask yourself – what would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Once you start acting in spite of the fear, you’ll start to realise that the worst thing that can ever happen is an emotion.

    As I’ve said, the best way to overcome a fear of failure is to be fully aligned with your intuition and take inspired action. Your soul will always lead you to success, even if failure is required first to teach you the lessons that you’ll need to get there. If you’re struggling to connect with your intuition and are being held back too often by your fear of failure, see my current coaching programs for how we can work together to overcome it.

    There is nothing that can hold you back when you have a purpose greater than you…