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  • How To Read Angel Cards Like A Pro

    “So I call on my Angels, they say….” – ‘Rise’ by Katy Perry

    Our support is never-ending.

    We like to think that there are limits because boundaries are so familiar to us on the Earth plane, but when we want some help or wisdom the possibilities are limitless.

    One of the tools that we have available is to ask our Angel Cards. Unlike Tarot Cards, Angel Cards are oracle cards which offer advice rather than telling you exactly what will happen in the future. In my opinion, this makes Angel Cards far more suitable for anyone who is starting out with cards because they will always offer positive, healing advice and can even be used by children.

    Tarot Cards, however, can foretell catastrophe in your future so they’re not for the fainthearted and can leave you feeling more anxious than before the reading. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been using my tarot cards as an extension of my intuition since I was 14 – but the vibration of them is very different and they aren’t always positive in nature.

    So, if you need some advice and are feeling called to turn to Angel Cards, how can you begin to use them like a pro?

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    Everything is energy, including our Angel Cards.

    Therefore, to get the most accurate answer possible from every reading, it’s important to cleanse your cards between use. This doesn’t mean literally taking a cleaning wipe to them (which could damage the card) but it does mean giving them an energetic refresh!

    Some methods include knocking the deck to shift old energy (I knock mine twice before each reading), ringing Angel tuning forks over them or burning white sage near them.

    Whichever you choose, make sure that you keep the cards energetically clean for the best results.

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    Intention supports the outcome of everything that we do in life, and the same is true when shuffling oracle cards!

    Get into a meditative headspace first and try to clear your mind of any distractions before asking a question. This may mean that you need to devote extra time to readings to allow your mind to wind down first.

    Stay calm. Breathe. And then ask the Angels what you want help with…

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    When you’re shuffling the cards, you should start to feel that there’s a natural point for you to stop. Sometimes this could mean a quick rearrange of the cards. Other times you will want to keep shuffling, and shuffling, and shuffling…

    Neither is wrong, and when performing a reading the most important thing is to leave logical reasoning at the door and follow your intuition. Whenever you feel called to stop shuffling, then stop shuffling and trust that what feels right.

    ⚠️ It’s really important that you don’t try to do a reading when you’re feeling rushed or frantic because not only will it throw your intuition off, but your frantic energy will feed into the cards (see tip #1) and affect the answer that you get. Maybe the Angels will tell you ways to relax rather than answering the question that you asked!

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    As you would expect, your answers will be more helpful if your question is more specific.

    If you ask for advice on your “love life” in general then the advice may not be as useful as if you asked: “what do I need to move forward in my relationship with Anthony?

    Reading cards can become addictive and if this happens then you may feel the urge to read, and read, and read the same question repeatedly. As you can guess, this is bad practice when performing Angel Card readings and will only make you more confused than before you read the cards.

    Get super clear on what you want to know and ask the cards for advice once, until enough has changed in the situation to warrant new advice being needed.

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    Most of the time I will do a one card reading…

    This means that I will shuffle, divide the deck, stack the piles back on top of each other in a different order, and turn over the card on top of the deck. This one card will provide a summary of the advice that I need for the question or person that I’m reading for.

    But there are other ways of doing a reading! For example, you can divide the deck into 3 piles and turn over the top card of all 3 to reveal the past, present and future of a situation.

    Or you can look at the cards on the top and bottom of the deck to reveal the answer to your query (the top card) and the background to what’s causing the issue (the bottom card).

    Most oracle card decks will also come with an instruction guidebook which should be able to show you different layouts for reading the cards.

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    Be aware that you get given what you need and not necessarily what you want.

    I always say that the right message will find the right person, because sometimes we will be surprised with what shows up. It may be regarding a situation which isn’t at the forefront of our mind – but the Angel Card reading might address an addiction or relationship pattern which is at the root of the other issues manifesting in our life.

    When you start doing readings, the most important thing is to keep your mind open and always consider the actual answers that you’re given. How are they relevant to you, and are they drawing your attention towards a behaviour that you’ve not noticed before?

    Be prepared to get more than just predictable answers which are easy for you to digest.

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    You have been blessed with the natural gift of intuition as well as tools like Angel Cards to help support you on your journey through life.

    As with any kind of divination, trust is a vital part of the process. As you practice Angel Card readings and start to see how the answers apply to your life, you will learn to trust the cards.

    It’s impossible to receive the wrong answer from them as you’ll always get what you need. If you’re over-reading the same question and getting answers which don’t seem at all relevant, then it’s the Angels telling you to stop because they already gave you the right answer to begin with!

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    And finally…

    If you want to get one of my free Angel Card readings then all you need to do is request one here and I will send you a personal reading based on the energy of your name!

    ⋆☽  Request your free Angel Card reading here  ☾⋆



  • Are there Angels on Earth?

    Every morning when I am grateful, I give thanks for my angels on Earth.

    You know the ones… they are your closest companions who you have a deep soul bond with, and you feel like you have already danced your way through many lifetimes together.

    I have been trying to strengthen my bond with the angels by reading about them in books and using a pack of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards lent to me by a new dear friend from a Hay House event. For a while now, I have been talking to the angels in my meditation and following the signs & symbols they lay down as guidance; more recently, I have also been feeling tingles run through my body whenever I think of them.

    To be specific, these are the Archangels that I am talking about – Gabriel, Muriel, Raphael, Jophiel etc – and even writing Raphael just then a flood of tingles filled my body! They are always guiding us and working for our highest good. But there are angels manifesting on this plane too.

    I’ve always felt that my best friend / Maid of Honour-to-be / worldwide travelling companion has also been my fellow lifetime-traveller. As I appreciate her unwavering support in this life since I was 6 years old, I have started to feel that she really is an angel here on Earth. Only the other day did it occur to me that I could be right – her middle name is Gabriel!

    Our angels support us, cherish us, teach us, and show us the love of the Divine through the love in their eyes. They bring heaven down to Earth by showing us what’s possible in our own life and demonstrating the qualities that we want to embrace.  They give us guidance through their advice and can embody the lessons that we need to learn.

    The angels can manifest themselves in all forms so sometimes we will see them appear in those closest to us. When we need them, they are there. When we call them, they will answer. When we thank them, they give us blessings.

    If there is something that you need help with, then try asking those that you feel closest to because sometimes an angel will answer through their soul. The message that you need will always find a way to reach you regardless of the form.

    Just ask, and it will be given.




  • Don’t Procrastinate – Meditate!

    At 5.45am in my morning meditation, sometimes I will take a pen to a page in my manifestation journal and ask a question that I need answering, or simply to receive any message that I need to hear. The reply which comes back to me is always intensely meaningful, profound, and sometimes plain shocking!

    My entry for 24th October 2018 was no different. It entailed a very brief exchange about fulfilling my purpose. After a few words of encouragement, I asked: “How do I beat procrastination…?”

    Procrastination is the dream silencer which lives within all of us. It feeds on fear and thrives in your past and present, therefore it does everything in its power to stop you from moving forward towards a brighter future. Like most writers and entrepreneurs who work at home alone all day without a boss checking up on them, procrastination is a demon that I must face every single day.

    The response was simple, loud, and clear: “Push through it and keep going. Don’t let your emotions get in the way.” Pretty straightforward, I thought, but it is this last sentence which sparked a revelation. Maybe I had let my emotions get in the way? I had always perceived procrastination as the absence of emotion – nothing more than a nagging feeling of insidious apathy. But I was wrong. Procrastination had never really been the issue at all, it was all of the other emotions that I was trying to avoid.

    And I am not the only one. Professor Tim Pychyl says that people who have achieved their identity are less likely to procrastinate, which is bad news for the majority of us who are still walking the path of self-realisation. Before we achieve self-actualisation and enjoy some immunity to procrastination, we first have to acknowledge and stand firm in the face of our negative emotions in order to get the job done.

    Self-doubt, self-consciousness, fear, and low self-worth are usually the main culprits here and they are all far more painful than just the nagging discomfort of procrastination. Maybe you’re procrastinating because you’re scared that you’re not going to achieve what you have set out to achieve. Maybe the fear of what other people will think is so overwhelming that you’d rather stay with their current perceptions of you for fear of damaging those relationships.

    Without procrastination as a buffer, you can feel like a paper house in an emotional hurricane. Without knowledge of your life purpose as the foundation to keep you anchored into the ground, it can be easier to run and hide than to feel the potential of everything you have worked for being blown away.

    But procrastination only really protects you from your greatness. Hiding from your purpose is like putting your thumb over the end of a running hosepipe – you can only stop the flow for so long before you have to surrender and let it out into the world.

    Instead, look within and ask: “what am I really hiding from?” I have found that meditation is an amazing time to uncover your hidden truths, so next time you feel that all too familiar urge to avoid and procrastinate, take a moment to pause and find out what’s up. By unrooting the real cause of your procrastination you can buy yourself invaluable minutes, hours and days that would have otherwise been squandered. There aren’t many opportunities to buy time in this life, so grab this one with both hands, and next time you want to procrastinate – meditate!