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  • Release | Use This Cord Cutting Meditation To Set You Free From Energy & Attachments

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    When you’re struggling to get clarity because of something you’re holding on to, letting go can be easier said than done. In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to release the past and move forward. 


    After sending out over 4800 Angel Card readings, it’s become clear to me where people get the most stuck in their lives.

    There are a few cards that I don’t get very often at all, and then there are some which are prolific and take up the bulk of my readings.

    I also get messages from people wanting to manifest their exes or bring someone back to them, but – probably to their disappointment – I always tell them that what they should actually think about is cutting the cord…


    I knew that I needed to help with this because when we don’t know how to move forward, we feel stuck. When we feel stuck, we can’t manifest; we can’t see the new opportunities which surround us; and we aren’t grateful for things because we’re thinking about what we have lost.

    The problem with this feeling being caused by our energy is that most of us can’t see it!

    The attachment is there, but we don’t know how to get rid of it. However, with this powerful technique, you can finally reclaim your energy and raise your own vibration by severing ties to the past.

    In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to the things and people which no longer serve you.

    As empaths and lightworkers, we can soak in other people’s energy and take on their problems, which means that we need to regularly cleanse ourselves of low vibration energy.

    Like an energy detox, by releasing our attachments and cutting the ties to what has made us feel heavy, we can become weightless.

    Our soul can feel free, and we can breathe again.

    Too much attachment to the past makes it impossible for us to see the potential that still lies in our future.



  • How To Develop Your Natural Psychic Ability

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    When you’re struggling to get clarity because of something you’re holding on to, letting go can be easier said than done. In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to release the past and move forward. 


    After last week’s blog, I got asked the question that a few of you were probably thinking…

    “OK, I think I have some kind of psychic ability, but how can I develop it further?”

    Until just last year, I would never have called myself psychic.

    The word felt so daring, bold, and like I might betray people with the illusion that I was further along in my development than I actually was. I knew there was something there – the strange coincidences had become too much to ignore – but was I ready to wear the notorious “p” label which everyone viewed with so much expectation?

    I couldn’t tell people their life story, when they were going to die, or how many kids they were going to have. “Isn’t this what psychics are meant to be able to do?“, I thought.

    It was only after diving into these methods I’m about to share with you that I became comfortable with the fact that I did have some real ability. How you define yourself doesn’t really matter aside from how it makes you feel about yourself. It was easy to become comfortable when I realised it wasn’t such a big deal after all.

    Once you can fully accept the fact that it’s normal to receive extrasensory information and trust your feelings – and that it’s usually a symptom of energy blockages when we can’t – you don’t feel like such a weirdo. Often it’s the fear of being strange that keeps us stuck when it comes to our psychic gifts because we don’t want to unlock them and lose our grip on reality as a result. Like with all change, it’s less scary for us to stay in the familiar rather than step out into the unknown.

    If you want to tune in to your natural psychic ability and develop it further, these techniques will help you…


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    If I could only recommend one thing for aspiring psychics to do, it would be going along to psychic development groups.

    Sometimes called ‘mediumship circles’ or ‘spiritual development classes’, these groups offer a safe and judgement-free zone for you to test your abilities on other people. It was at a one-day workshop with TV psychic Katie Helliwell in early-2019 that I got undeniable proof of my ability. I ended up at the workshop after a string of Divinely guided coincidences (which is a whole other story) and it was the day that set my life onto a whole new path.

    Holding a photo of an old man that the woman sat opposite had handed to me, I closed my eyes, tuned in, and decided that if I had any psychic ability – now was the time to show it. I scribbled down anything and everything that popped into my head and read her the list of what I’d written. To my surprise and hers, I told her his name, the year he died, what he worked as, and what his dog was called! She started to cry and I almost did too, but for another reason; I knew in that moment that I definitely had some psychic ability and there was no chance I was just imagining it anymore.

    When you start practising with other people, their delight and surprise acts as your proof. If you’ve only just met someone for the first time, you can’t explain away the fact that you can tell them personal information you’d have absolutely no way of knowing. Going along to weekly psychic development groups or one-day workshops is the best way to build your confidence and explore your abilities with strangers who are equally as curious as you are.

    The per-class fee is usually very cheap, especially if you have a Spiritualist Church near you, and they’re also a great way to meet new friends with similar spiritual interests to you.

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    I’ve been using cards since I was a teenager, and even when I was depressed, distracted and detached from my intuition – they provided a gateway to something bigger.

    For me, it was always Tarot cards as I got my first deck when I was 14, but after using Angel and Oracle cards for the past few years too, I’ve enjoyed how uplifting they are and that they come with positive advice as standard. It’s not the same story for Tarot cards, which have plenty of less-than-happy cards in the deck that run the risk of ruining your day at any moment if you pull one out.

    I always recommend that people start with Oracle Cards first, and when you do, you’ll start to notice how accurately they can respond to what you’re thinking and feeling. As they’re the most literal way of receiving messages from the Universe (hello, it’s written there on the card), it’s super easy for anyone to connect with their psychic senses more by pairing the cards with their intuition.

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    You may or may not know that your psychic senses are ruled mostly by your third eye chakra. There are other chakras that are important too, like your crown chakra which rules your connection to the Divine, but it’s this deep purple energy centre between your eyes which determines your psychic insight.

    So many of us will have issues with this energy centre – whether it’s closed, blocked, underactive or overactive. By balancing our third eye chakra and clearing away any blocked energy, we open up our channel for receiving accurate intuitive insights.

    There are lots of reasons why we might have issues here, like past life trauma from being witch-hunted or picking up on society’s opinions from a young age that it’s a bad or evil thing to use psychic ability. Doing the energy healing work around this area and these layers of beliefs will make you far more intuitive, receptive and open to receiving information through your psychic senses.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (8)

    Like anything else that you want in life, you have the ability to manifest more psychic powers! The most important things when trying to increase your psychic ability in this way are 1) setting the intention and 2) being truly ready.

    When you’re truly ready for your psychic awareness to open up more, set a strong intention that you want to receive more information intuitively and declare to the Universe if there’s any specific psychic senses that you want to work on. Once you decide that this is going to happen, you might notice some fears or resistance rising up inside of you.

    These are probably the feelings that have been blocking your psychic ability all along, as they’re a sign you’re not truly ready to use it. By accepting that your life and perception of reality will be different once your psychic gifts open up, you’ll come into closer energetic alignment with the future – more psychic – version of you.

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    Without trust, you will never be able to develop your psychic ability.

    It’s impossible to build on what you know if you’re not even sure what that is – and it’s less likely that you’ll take any of the steps above if you don’t have faith in what you’ve already got to work with. By trusting that any psychic information you’re getting now is real, you’re ready for the next step in your development.

    Trusting yourself is great for opening your energy, manifesting, building confidence, and becoming a better psychic. At every psychic development class you go to, this word will probably be the main topic of conversation. It’s the most essential tool in your toolkit if you want to develop your psychic ability, as intuitive wisdom can so easily be dismissed. It requires an enormous amount of trust in yourself to take what you’re receiving and turn it into advice for yourself or someone else.

    You can start with the abilities that you have right now simply by knowing that any signs, guidance and messages you’re getting are valuable, correct, and coming to you for a reason.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Developing your natural psychic ability isn’t a race and your Clair senses have developed as far as they have for a reason. I should also mention that not everyone is due to unlock their full psychic potential in this lifetime because it would distract them from the role they’re here to play in the world.

    However, if you’re reading this because you have any interest at all in developing your psychic ability, you certainly don’t fall into that category – your curiosity is for a cause!

    Respect your own journey as one that is completely sacred and perfectly timed.

    Your natural psychic ability is a gift which is meant to be used.



  • Intuition vs. Impulse: How Do You Know The Difference?

    I can’t believe I’m even taking on this topic, because how can you describe the difference in sensation between two feelings which are hard to describe in and of themselves?

    I might not be able to… but, let’s try!

    It’s important to try because the two will lead you down completely different roads. One will lead you to fulfilment, joy and alignment; and the other might lead you into a situation that you wish you could undo.

    🚨  Intuition should be used with caution…   🚨

    And it’s through an immense amount of self-healing, personal growth and energy clearing that we’re all able to receive clear guidance from our own intuition. Until then, we’re probably just following our impulses.

    I think back to my teenage years and I was basically one big adolescent impulse. I actually got the idea for this blog yesterday when I was looking at the sizeable star-shaped scars on my hips where I’ve had 8 sessions of tattoo removal. I got this pair of black stars tattooed when I was 15 years old using my sister’s ID.

    I was so impulsive.

    Whatever I wanted to do – I did. And there was literally no-one who could stop me.

    I would do whatever it took and (in my usual Taurus way) was stubborn and bullish about getting whatever I wanted. That was an impulse, and even though I’m just as certain about using my intuition now – I don’t have to be bullish about following it.

    It’s easy. It flows. It opens up an energetic path of opportunities.

    We need to be so gung-ho about following our impulses and knocking everything out of the way to get them because they’re often coming from a place of fear and need. We feel like we NEED whatever we’re feeling an impulse for. Whenever we feel like we MUST have something, that is an impulse.

    An impulse is a drive; a desire; an immediate longing.

    Intuition is a knowing; a sensing; a gentle pointing towards something. It comes from a place of comfort, trust and support.

    When we intuitively know something is right for us, we don’t care so much about the timeline. The big things that I’m trying to manifest on my vision board mean the world to me, and I think they’re coming within the next decade or so. But I 100% know that they’ll arrive in divine timing, at the right moment. They do not need to come tomorrow.

    That’s the difference between me and teenage me, and that’s the difference between living from impulse and intuition.

    The best way anyone can access their intuition, and reduce their impulses, is by going on a serious spiritual deep dive. Unhealed wounds need things to fill them, and that’s where the NEED of an impulse comes from. So, we fill, and we fill, and we fill, but we still don’t feel full. The things that the impulses bring us will never even touch the sides.

    Doing the spiritual work + the healing + the inner self-growth will gently and gradually close those holes. Energy healing has been a game-changer for me, and the results from my Reiki attunement and continued self-healing have been profound.

    When we’re in a low vibration state, it’s really hard to access our intuition. I know there’s definitely a “black hole” in my own journey where I didn’t touch my intuition for years – but I had a hell of a lot of impulses! And that’s the same for a lot of people.

    If you can really feel an urge for something – or you feel like something might be “right” – how can you know whether it’s an impulse or your intuition?

    You can ask yourself these questions…

    • Do I need this now, or would I be happy to wait 1/2/3/4 years for the same outcome?
    • Do I want it because I’m scared that if I don’t have it now, then I won’t have it at all?
    • Who am I without the thing that I’m urging for? Would I still be whole, complete, and able to love myself?

    We are controlled by our impulses, whereas we are called by our intuition.

    Next time you’re feeling an internal nudge to go for something, and you’re not sure if it’s coming from a good or a bad place, consider why you want it and the emotions that it’ll give you when you get it.

    If it’s a short-lived high that you’ll need another of, it’s an impulse.

    If it’s something that will feel purposeful and aligned with the person you truly want to be, it’s your intuition.

    The way to find your answer is always to ask an uncomfortable question that you can’t hide away from. A question that cuts down the middle of an issue and forces you to pick a side is the right question because you have to choose one outcome or another.

    When you’re asking yourself if a nudge is your intuition or an impulse, think about the outcome. Do you need it now, or is it worth a wait? Is there a scared sense of urgency, or do you know that you’ll definitely have it someday? And will you be closer to becoming someone that you do or don’t like when you get what you want?

    This is how you can tell the difference between intuition and impulse. They both have a place in our life and our humanness requires them both. But, they’re for very different things!

    So, next time you want to do something silly – follow your intuition instead of the impulse. It will give you the outcome you’ll be happiest with in the future.



  • How To Remove Negative Energy From An Item

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    When you’re struggling to get clarity because of something you’re holding on to, letting go can be easier said than done. In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to release the past and move forward. 


    If you’re empathic and sensitive to energies, it’s more important for you than anyone to do this once in a while. Low vibration items and spaces can really start to weigh us down if we aren’t intentionally shaping our energetic environment to be one that serves and inspires us.

    Are you ready to give your belongings an energy upgrade? You can use all of these techniques to shift any lingering low vibration frequencies…

    Having a Spring energy clean will raise the vibration of your space, making you feel lighter and brighter afterwards.

    This ancient tradition of burning herbs and using the smoke to intentionally cleanse a space can work wonders for your mood and manifesting by clearing out old energy that’s lingering in your home. If you are using Palo Santo or California White Sage, ensure that they’re responsibly sourced as high demand means they’re being harvested carelessly and unsustainably by some suppliers.

    • 🌿 Palo Santo
    • 🌿 Sage
    • 🌿 Cedar
    • 🌿 Lavender
    • 🌿 Rosemary
    • 🌿 Thyme
    • 🌿 Juniper

    I’ve written more about the benefits of burning sage specifically in my blog, How Burning Sage Actually Kills Bacteria & Raises Your Energy.

    I discovered Aura Spray for the first time at a workshop in Glastonbury last summer. It smelt amazing and seemed like a super quick and easy way to cleanse energy, so I bought a bottle of Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Aura Spray.

    Aura Spray is a highly charged liquid spray made with cleansing essential oils. Just one or two spritzes can quickly get to work cleansing the energy of your aura or one of your items.

    With any of these methods, the most important thing is the intention that you’re putting into the physical ritual. The energy of your intention is even more powerful than any clearing technique, and it will guide and amplify your energy clearing.

    If you want to try making your own Aura Spray, you’ll need:

    • 🌿 Pure water – from a natural spring or sacred well
    • 🌿 Alcohol – to preserve it, like gin or vodka
    • 🌿 Cleansing essential oils – like sage, lemon, lavender, grapefruit or frankincense
    • 🌿 You can then charge the solution under a Full Moon or with crystals

    This energy clearing technique works in a similar way to smoke cleansing, and you might already have some incense at home.

    Holding a lit stick of incense, you can use the smoke to clean the corners of your room. You can also cover an item in the smoke – while setting an intention that you want to cleanse, clear and transmute any stuck, low vibration energy.

    This is a fast and free method of energy clearing – even if you feel a bit silly doing it.

    I knock on my Tarot and Angel cards between uses, as well as between questions mid-reading for someone. When you see me knocking on a deck in one of my Tarot reading videos, it’s because I’m shifting any old energy out of the cards.

    My cards are the thing I need to energetically clean most often because I’m always tuning into other people’s energy while I’m shuffling and arranging the cards. You can also use this technique for other items and spaces too, by clapping loudly in the corners of a room or next to an item.

    As you’ll see in the video, I have a smokey quartz crystal point, but any type will work – clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, etc.

    Hold the quartz point so that you’re not covering either end of it (this would transfer energy into and out of your own auric energy field) and rotate it around the item you want to cleanse.

    • CLOCKWISE ☽ Transfers energy into an item.
    • ANTI-CLOCKWISE ☾ Takes energy out of an item.

    Most of the time, you’ll want to rotate the crystal point anti-clockwise over an item so that you’re removing the lower energies from it. The only time you might want to put energy into an item to clear it would be if you’re channelling Reiki energy and raising its vibration that way.

    Selenite is interesting because it doesn’t need to be cleansed regularly like other crystals – it’s sort of self-cleaning.

    It vibrates at such a high frequency that you can keep it next to – or in a box/drawer with – your other crystals and it’ll gradually raise their vibration too. This means that it’s a great tool for energy clearing!

    You can either place the thing you want to cleanse next to a stick of Selenite and leave it there or, if you have a Selenite wand, you can rotate it around the item in the same way as a quartz point.

    Just having Selenite on your bedside table or in your home will help to provide an energetic shield against negative energies.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    With any of these techniques, the most important thing is always your intention.

    Whenever you’re cleaning the energy of an item or space, make sure you set a very clear intention with the Universe that you’re cleansing, clearing and transmuting any low vibration energy.

    This will allow you to shift the energy, move it out, and then transmute it into another form so that it doesn’t re-enter your belongings again as low vibration energy.

    Have you tried any of these energy clearing techniques? If so, which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!