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  • 6 Signs That You Have Empathic Overload

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    If you’re an empath, you have been given a gift. Your sensitivity can be a wonderful tool for connecting people with the light, but it can be hard to spot when you’re gradually becoming burdened with other people’s emotions.

    To know if this is happening to you, check to see if you’re feeling any of these 6 symptoms…

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    Have you been struggling to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities recently?

    If so, it could be a sign that other people’s emotional energy is clouding your spiritual sight. Staying in a high energetic vibration is so important for maintaining a clear psychic connection; carrying other people’s dark energy in your aura acts like a thick fog on your intuitive highway to the Divine.

    Keep your spiritual gifts active and finely tuned by having strong energetic boundaries, because often people struggling for Divine connection will unknowingly attach to your energy and use it as a conduit.

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    Want to hide away and spend more time by yourself than usual?

    Retreating into hermit mode can feel tempting when your soul is tired from carrying the extra weight of other people’s emotions, so watch out for withdrawal as a sign that you need to check in with your boundaries.

    By noticing what friendships and relationships are weighing you down, you can start to limit the time that you spend with these people. At any moment, you can say to the Angels in your mind: “Wrap your loving wings around me and help me to feel my own emotions.”

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    Are you prone to aches, pains and irritating illnesses?

    If you’re someone who always has a cough or cold, for example, then it could be a warning sign that you’re letting in too much energy which isn’t your own. Over time, this low vibration energy can build up until it manifests as a blockage in one of your chakras and causes you to become ill.

    The most commonly affected chakra is the throat, when empaths don’t say what needs to be said for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or harming a relationship. Your body will lovingly give you warnings to tell you that you’re energetically overloaded.

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    Have you been taking longer than usual to decide because you’re struggling to pick a direction?


    Confusion is to be expected when you have empathic overload! Picking up on everyone else’s energies can be bewildering for your intuition and mean that you’re prioritising other people’s emotions ahead of your own.

    Doing what’s right for you can be hard as an empath if it means giving someone else less than the best, but you need to be the master of your own fate. With better boundaries in place, the cloudy path to what you really want will become clearer.

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    Have you been feeling low, worried and anxious?

    When the emotions we’ve collected don’t know which way to go, they can manifest in a way that will force us to stop and name them. It’s normal to experience more negative emotions than usual when you have empathic overload, but, while feeling other people’s stress is a sign of your compassion – it isn’t particularly productive.

    Ground your energy and refocus any thoughts which are making you feel unstable or unsupported.

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    With these feelings of confusion and anxiety, it’s harder to maintain the high energetic vibration that you need for easy manifesting.

    If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to attract what you want, or you’re attracting results that are slightly “off” from what you’ve been asking for, the Law of Attraction could be telling you something.

    Keeping your energy light and free from other people’s burdens will ensure that you’re a magnet for abundance!

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    So, do these signs sound true for you?

    If you’re experiencing 3 or more of them at the same time, it’s likely that you’re becoming overwhelmed by your Divine gift of sensitivity.

    Remember to cleanse your energy body regularly and keep your boundaries strong; your energy is your best tool for making an impact.

    Make Your Energy Your Own Again…

    When you don’t know how to let go of what’s not yours, ask the Angelic realm for assistance. They can see what you’re carrying and will lighten the load.

    Ask Archangel Michael to set you free with this simple request, repeated out loud or in your mind as you sit quietly in meditation: “Archangel Michael, please cut the cords connecting me to any energy which doesn’t serve me. Lift the load so that I can raise my vibration and shine brightly again.”



  • Why None Of Us Will Be The Same After Coronavirus

    To the me who I used to be before Coronavirus…

    “You’re so looking forward to leaving the life that you have now, but when it changes – all that you’ll want is to go back. Changes don’t always happen how you think they will…”

    Like so many other people, my life plans have changed due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    We were due to move to Australia in September, and now the new plan is September 2021 because all of our weddings from this summer have moved to next summer. All of the borders are closed for the foreseeable. We’re getting used to life in what was a temporary, short-term flat; in a place that I thought I was just passing through.

    This is just a minor inconvenience compared to what many people have gone through, and it’s a good exercise in trusting that everything happens for a reason.

    I think all of our lives have changed in some way, and as I see it – this is how we will all change for the better after this pandemic ends…

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    This has to be the biggest one. If you’re like me, you will have been on many, many Zoom calls. I had 3 over my birthday weekend and actually felt just as socially fatigued as if I’d been partying and seeing people all weekend (hello introvert life!)

    BUT – calls on the internet have their fair share of problems: time limits, wobbly internet connection, and not being able to hear people over their background noise. I think the biggest change after this will be that everyone realises how incredibly amazing it is to see, hug and spend time with their friends and family again.


    I’ve been very lucky to be in isolation with another person, and I really do wonder how people have made it through on their own. I also really feel for the people who live abroad and haven’t been able to see their families; I’m so glad that we didn’t move to Australia before the lockdown, because I think not being physically allowed to leave the country and see my family would make me feel like I was a million miles away instead of just 10,000.

    The first thing we’ll all want to do is to see our friends and family, and I think – after Coronavirus – we’ll appreciate the time we have with them so much more, knowing that it could become illegal at any moment. It’s not something that we ever thought we’d experience, but this shows it can happen.

    We’ll all find extra love & gratitude for the people we have in our life.

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    I have “This Too Shall Pass…” tattooed on my thigh for this exact reason, but I still always forget.

    Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is permanent. We’re living in a fluid energy reality that is subject to change and influenced by a collective consciousness.

    We like to think that things are solid because it gives our human mind something to hold onto, but really – what we think is real can shift and destruct in a single second. Again, this brings us back to gratitude; being grateful for what we have now, knowing that it can change in any moment.

    It can change to something better, or it can change to something worse; either way, the best we can do is to always be grateful for now.

    Nothing is permanent, life changes, and this pandemic wasn’t what anyone expected this year. So many of my friends were due to get married this summer, and now I’m trying to cancel all of the hotels and travel bookings that I’ve made for them. I spent £200 on a hotel in London and booked the non-refundable option thinking:

    “I’m a bridesmaid at this wedding and the wedding’s been booked, there’s absolutely no way that I’d need to get a refund for this – so I’m not paying extra for an amendable booking…”

    Well, I was wrong, and now I’m down £200 🤪 Nothing is permanent. Nothing is guaranteed. After this, I think we’ll all learn to flow with life better and enjoy what we have now, knowing it’s subject to change.

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    I’m used to travelling a lot, and that’s been one of the hardest things for me. My no.1 value is freedom, so I hate feeling trapped and am usually away every weekend in addition to travelling globally multiple times a year.

    As it’s my normal life – I do forget that it’s a luxury. I never travelled in my childhood, so I appreciate it in that sense, but once you become habituated to luxuries it’s easy not to see them.

    I think all of us will appreciate how wonderful it is to travel; to see new cultures; to go somewhere new; experience different climates; different foods; and just to get on a plane and have that “airport experience”.

    I think people will be sheepish getting on a plane and travelling while the risk of a virus still looms, even once it’s declared “over”, but we’ll definitely all realise how precious it is to live in this era where we can travel the world more easily than ever before.

    I know that I’ll be getting on a plane out of here as soon as I can!

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    I love working from home, and I could never go back. I’ve probably got millions of other people who are joining me in that vein of thought now.

    How many people have enjoyed a more relaxed way of life, now that they don’t have to sit in rush hour for 2 hours a day, choose an outfit to wear, put on make-up, and endure sitting next to coworkers they can’t stand for 5 days a week?

    A lot of people have realised that they can work from home, so I think a lot of them will work from home as much as possible.

    From what I’ve seen on Instagram, there’s also an influx of new accounts popping up, so I suspect there’ll be an enormous surge in entrepreneurship as well…

    Many people will be starting new businesses as they look for a way to work from home more. We have a wonderful gift in the internet, and I think people will utilise it as much as possible to feel more comfortable, creative and free in their own space.

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    Even if we loved the great outdoors before, we love it even more now.

    It’s provided a respite from the walls of our home, and we’ve learned to treasure our one walk a day as a sacred, sweet escape.

    Even when we haven’t been allowed to connect with others, we’ve still been able to connect with nature. Just a walk around the block feels so good when we can’t go anywhere else. For people spending all day with partners and kids, the outside has given them freedom, space and fresh air.

    I think that we’ll appreciate our parks, neighbourhoods and beaches more than ever.

    In return, I think they appreciate us more too because pollution has dramatically fallen from a lack of human interference (read article). Nature has been our sanctuary during Coronavirus, and I hope that we can maintain this connection and appreciation once life goes back to normal.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    There’s no doubt that we’ll all feel the effects of Coronavirus for at least the rest of this year, but the question is whether it’ll be outlived by changes in our psyche as we form new habits and ways of living.

    I also wonder about the effect that it will have on our young people. People like my nieces and nephews, for whom this experience will be formative for what they expect as adults. How will this shape how they see the world, and will it make them more risk-averse knowing that their way of life can be taken away at any second?

    From the statistics in the news, it looks like this pandemic will be coming to a close soon – but some of these changes will live on long after it. How has the Coronavirus changed you for the better?



  • How To Attract Love With The Law of Attraction

    Looking for love can feel like a losing game. If you’re not using the Law of Attraction, that is…

    From all that I’ve read/watched/seen/witnessed/told someone from their Tarot cards – we can be really awesome at manifesting in one area of our life, and then absolutely pants at it in others. Even though the energetic principles are the same, our beliefs can tie us down in one area of our life more than another.

    For me, I have done a lot of hard belief and energy work around love and so my best manifestation to date is my wonderful husband. As I’m writing this to you, we’re in an idyllic cabin nestled between some mountains which encircle a Norwegian lake. A wood fire is cracking behind me and in front of me is a panoramic view of the jagged landscape and frost-tipped pine trees, which are slowly being covered by a strong but silent downfall of snow. My love is sat on the opposite end of the big grey corner sofa that we’re on, and it’s moments like this that feel like a dream.

    I want to help as many other people as possible to live their dream…


    We are all Divine love embodied in a human body, so it’s really a case of revealing our true selves and getting back to the most pure, authentic version of ourselves rather than trying to be anything that we’re not; rather than trying to become anything else… we want to be a perfect energetic match for love, and the way we do that is with total self love.

    The biggest mistake I see is people hoping that the love they’ll find from another person can replace the love they don’t have for themselves. A full cup is what will attract another cup; and a full one at that. I have attracted plenty of cups that were not full and, as a result, the relationships were… less than desirable. But it’s because I was not in a good place, so I didn’t attract people who were good for me. I had to do so much inner work to get treatment for my mental illnesses, come to terms with my body image and nip my needy habits in the bud.

    Just as money cannot be created and kept from scarcity, the same is true of love. You are already completely loveable and entirely perfect in every way.

    It’s not about giving loads out and thinking that it will come back to you that way, it’s actually about having it all for yourself already; and already being full. That is the energy of love. It just is… it’s certain. It’s already happening. It already has happened somewhere in the Universe and you’re just travelling to that point in space and time.



  • Why Getting Married Abroad Is A Good Idea

    A wanderer never gets married…

    In a place they don’t love!

    If you’re a holiday-holic like me, the idea of getting married in your home town or country probably won’t set your soul on fire.

    After a dreamy wedding in Italy last week, I felt inspired to share all I’ve learnt about destination weddings while I’m still fresh in the feeling of newlywed bliss. There are different things to think about if you want to get married abroad, and by considering these points, you’ll know if a destination wedding is meant for you!

    How many guests do you want?

    My new husband and I had a good chuckle at old emails with our wedding planner where we thought 70 guests would turn up… on the day we had 111! Having 59% more people to feed than we initially thought had big implications for our budget, so don’t be tricked by the lie that less people will come if you get married abroad. Many will jump at the chance of having a holiday with all of their family and friends, and guests are much less likely to drop out if they’ve already booked flights and hotels. This means that your final number will be more accurate – but not necessarily smaller. If you want fewer people to come, then make sure you invite fewer people!

    Hiring a Wedding Planner

    When you’re getting married in a different country, it suddenly becomes a lot more complicated to source the suppliers that you need; especially if there’s a language barrier. Investing in a wedding planner who specialises in your country of choice will not only save you time and stress, but you’ll make some of your investment back in the saved trips abroad and international phone bills. My wedding planner was able to offer me options for music, flowers, and other wedding day essentials that she had carefully selected herself. This meant less uncertainty for me and only one trip to Sorrento to select a wedding venue.

    The Travelling

    My first dream destination was Santorini, Greece but after a quick search on Skyscanner, I realised that it was impossible. It would be a two-part journey for most of our guests, with a flight and boat trip to the island totalling 9 hours travel time from a UK airport. It was important to us that our guests (mostly English) would only have to take a single short flight and could fly out for the weekend if necessary. This narrowed our destination down to just a small group of European countries. Then it was simply a matter of taste and aesthetics!

    Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 18.40.59

    Time of Year

    We chose to get married during the school holidays so that my nieces and nephews could attend (all of whom were flower girls and page boys), as well as our friends working as teachers (including one bridesmaid and one best man). Getting married during term time would obviously make costs cheaper, but it was more important for us to have everyone we loved there on our special day.

    Also, remember to check the weather! Google the average monthly rainfall and temperature in your desired location before you set a date. No one can predict the weather, but at least you will have statistics on your side!

    Where do you want to make your memories?

    As with all decisions, following your heart is the most important thing. Do you love sunshine or long for a Winter wedding surrounded by snow-topped trees? Is there somewhere that you return to every year or a particular culture you feel attached to? Where you choose to get married will not only stay with you forever in the memories you make, but it will create the backdrop for your wedding photos too. Make sure that the scenery, temperature and weather match your vision for one of the most memorable days of your life!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Consider the places you’ve already travelled to as potential destinations and use your wedding planning as a reason to explore new ones. Somewhere out there is the perfect place for the wedding of your dreams!