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What Liz's coaching clients are saying...

“I worked with Liz for a few months back in the summer. In terms of the results I had, where do I start – there are so many! I left my part time job so that I could give all of my time and energy to my business. I left London to travel and work remotely for a few months. I learned how to fully trust in my intuition and gifts as a highly sensitive person and empath. I also gained clarity on the services I wanted to offer as a business.”

Lorna, CBT therapist + HOLISTIC COACH

“After 12 weeks of coaching with Liz, my attitude about myself, my career and my business completely shifted. Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and mind blowing sessions Liz! You opened up valuable new perspectives on my life and current circumstances, helping me both professionally and personally too – your support gave me the full acceptance and approval for the growth in my business I desired and my personal success!”

Bianca, self empowerment coach


“Once I signed up for coaching with Liz, I finally arrived home in spirituality. She used all of her beautiful energy to be an amazing mentor for me to look up to. She encouraged me to be in alignment with my soul and the spiritual work I am here to do. I can’t thank her enough!”

Kori, REiki Healer + Tarot reader

“Since working with Liz, I have felt my spiritual practices expand and deepen and I feel much closer to a spiritual way of life. I’m much better at spotting my limiting beliefs and can deal with overwhelming feelings about launching my business much more efficiently than I used to. I’m really going to miss our calls, but the benefits have been life changing and I feel more empowered in starting my own work as a Spiritual Coach than I ever have before!”

Chantelle, Spiritual coach

“Liz’s energy throughout each coaching call was just amazing! She’s so insightful and so intuitive. I found that with every coaching call I had, I felt so much more grounded in myself and my mission and what I want to bring into this world. I definitely feel that I have grown a lot throughout the coaching. I feel that I’m more secure in who I am and what I want to manifest. I’m teaching way more classes than I did before – I’m teaching the most I ever have and I’m getting a whole load of new clients – which is amazing.

Colleen, yoga teacher

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