If I can leave my clients with one thing, it’s more love for themselves than they started with, because I know that from there they can create anything else they want to.

For spiritual people especially, it’s the most important piece. If you can’t trust yourself and what you’re seeing, hearing and feeling, then how can you ever deliver messages to the people who need them?

You won’t.

Because without that trust component – believing in yourself and the intuition you’re getting – you’ll never have the confidence to deliver it.

Through my work as a Spiritual Coach and Tarot reader, I have witnessed the most important component first hand. I’ve noticed the difference between those who go big and achieve great things, and those who take longer to get started.

They love and trust themselves enough to ask for what they want and talk about what they have to offer, because they believe in their own message.

Without self love, selling is scary and the marketplace seems daunting and insurmountable.

But actually, the most insurmountable thing of all is getting over our own fears and limitations. When we don’t love ourselves, we play small to avoid attention. We try hard to fit in because fitting in is easier than standing alone.

And we put other people’s advice first because we don’t realise the value of our own.

A person full of self love knows what they want and they know that they’re going to get it. They believe in their intuition and don’t allow themselves to get sidetracked by what other people are saying and doing.

They get what they want eventually, because they believe that’s what they deserve.

If I could give you one tip for doing well in spirituality, in business, and in spiritual business – it’s to go your own way. Trust yourself. And know that you and your love for yourself is the secret sauce behind it all.

That’s right… you are the secret to your own success!

Through all of the work that I’ve done with people, I know that this shift can be life-changing and groundbreaking. That’s why I want everyone to connect with their sovereignty and have brave boundaries around their own energy so that they can avoid confusion from outside influences.

Via confidence comes clarity and a clear plan of action.

If you want to transform your relationship with yourself this year so that you can go after your dreams and reach everything that you want to manifest, I created Spiritual Self Love for you.

For just a fraction of what it costs to work with me 1:1 on my coaching program, you can get access to trainings, workbooks and hypnoses that will help you to realise your own power and sovereignty.

It will help you to see what you already have and that you don’t need anything else for your own success. As a result, you’ll stop chasing after the wrong things that will never quite get you the payoff or satisfaction that you’re looking for.

It will help you to get to the root of old issues so that you can finally process them, clear them and move on.

It will help you to be braver and bolder as a result of simply connecting back to who you are. I made this course specifically for spiritual people so it’s not a regular self love course. This is about energy healing, intuition, and the fact that you are a slice of the divine.

If you want to accelerate your growth from an aligned and fulfilling place that feels like home, try reconnecting with your own soul and lead from your self love.

Doors open 1st Jan – 11th Jan (why wait?)

Love, Liz x