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If you’ve ever heard the term “Starseed” and wondered what it means, this one is for you.

It can take years or lifetimes for someone to figure out that they’re a Starseed, and while that knowledge lays latent within their soul, they’re not able to fully access what this special cosmic connection can give them.

That’s why it’s important to share this information about what a Starseed actually is for the people who feel different in some way – but don’t know why.

For example, I’ve never felt at home anywhere and that sense of “home” has always been a big issue for me. I realise now that maybe it’s because Earth isn’t where my soul originated from.

Or maybe you have an obsession with the stars and astrology, and you’ve always loved looking up at the night sky. This might be because you find that sense of familiarity and belonging in different galaxies other than this one.


Life on Earth has huge potential for expansion, so Starseed souls have come here from other galaxies where more evolved life forms exist. Specifically, more spiritually evolved life forms. They come here with a mission and with the challenge of serving, elevating and expanding the consciousness of this human species.

There are different types of Starseed, so take the quiz in my next blog What Type Of Starseed Are You? to see which family you might be in 👽

⋆☽ What is a Starseed? ☾⋆

An advanced soul who was originally from a different star system. They reincarnate on Earth (usually many lifetimes over) to serve in the awakening of human souls. However, like all souls who reincarnate on Earth, they are born with amnesia.

This means that they will need to figure out where they came from through a Divinely timed process of uncovering, and much of the truth about their origin may never be fully revealed.

These high vibration souls raise the frequency of the people they enlighten and heal, thereby raising the vibration of Earth as a whole. However, being inherently different from the majority of human souls on this planet, while having such a big mission to fulfil, can be challenging to say the least.

Starseeds can be defined either by their similarity to a certain group of Starseeds or their difference to the rest of humanity.

⋆☽ How do you know if you’re a Starseed? ☾⋆

There are various ways that you might resonate with being a Starseed, which could include:

👽 Having a body temperature that is unusually high or low. Maybe you’re always chilly and your hands feel cold to touch, even when everyone else around you feels warm. The same is true for your body giving off an excessive amount of heat, and both of these happen because Starseeds were originally acclimatised to life elsewhere.

✨ You feel older and wiser than most of the people you come across. You feel as though you can see through the fabric of humanity to what needs to be healed and what needs to happen for a collective expansion.

👽 To be able to carry out their work as a great healer and teacher, empathy is essential for Starseeds. More than just being an empath, they’re able to transmute the pain of others and illuminate it as the lesson that it really is for the person who’s suffering. Their energetic frequency is such that they naturally diffuse tense situations and make other people feel at peace just by being near them.

✨ Starseeds often come to Earth with a special gift to help them fulfil their mission. This could range from being an amazing singer, to an excellent writer, or an incredible painter. These special gifts will be able to help the Starseed attract attention and share the message they came here to share for the benefit of humanity. Through doing this work that feels soul-aligned and easy for them, they’ll be able to raise the frequency of people who come into contact with it.

👽 Higher connection to other realms and frequencies. Starseeds usually have a knack for channelling due to having a closer connection to other realms and galaxies than most other souls. This channelling usually comes through their ‘special gift’ that I talked about above, which is part of what makes their work so magical and well received.

Listen to your intuition! If you feel drawn to reading about Starseeds and learning what qualifies you as one – it’s probably because you are one. Something deep inside of you already knows it and it’s your human brain that is looking for the confirmation before you can accept it. Your feelings know you best of all, and they can tell you if you’re a Starseed better than anyone else can.

These are some general traits of being a Starseed, and there are other specific character definitions depending on which galaxy the Starseed originates from – so, after reading this, do you think that YOU are a Starseed?

If the answer is yes, make sure that you read the next blog What Type Of Starseed Are You? 👽