As an entrepreneur, you don’t always have stability, especially at the beginning.

You never know when your next win’s going to come in, or your next cause for celebration.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had my best month in business so far in April, along with getting my Soul & Spirit article published, and an exciting award nomination which I’ll be announcing in the next 2 weeks 🏆

I have a lucky 3’s rule and it’s definitely true this month! As I’m seeing these things coming off my vision board, I’ve been having mini celebrations; but it’s got me thinking – when is the big celebration?

One of my favourite documentaries of all time is The Defiant Ones. I’ve watched the whole series through 3 times in the last 2 years, and I find it so inspirational because it shows the real rise to success of people like Jimmy Iovine, Lady Gaga, Eminem, and many more of my success heroes.

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails says in it that his success was built brick-by-brick, so there was no ‘one day’ where he suddenly had success…

As an inspired person, it can be too easy to just want to race towards the next thing and hit the next milestone. Maybe you’re trying to get that new business off the ground. Maybe you’re trying to create a new income so that you can escape from a job you hate.

But the small wins are the only wins.

There’s no ‘one day’ where you’ll get everything at once, so have a mini success party for every amazing thing that happens. This is a way of being super grateful; by having a private energetic party for yourself and raising your vibration.

This is also an amazing thing to do if you’re in a low mood. You can still celebrate doing the food shop, you can still celebrate cooking a meal, and you can still celebrate getting yourself up, ready and dressed.

There is so much to celebrate in everyday life.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are wins in everyday life. There are wins happening in your business. Wins happening in the ideas that you’re getting now which will turn into something that create abundance, prosperity and fulfilment for you in the future.

Winning is not a single event, winning is done through small individual things coming into fruition. You won’t ever look back and think: “Wow, I’ve done it all!

You’ll look back many different times and think: “How did I get from there to here? Life is so much better now.

No-one else may see the small wins or they might not think your small wins are big enough to celebrate.

But YOU know the work you’ve put in and YOU know what it took. YOU know what you’ve overcome, so it’s YOUR responsibility to celebrate your small wins – even if no-one else will celebrate them with you.

The small wins are the only wins there are. They will get bigger and bigger and bigger, but they’re all individual in nature. Don’t expect your vision board to turn into 3D all at once. Things will come off one by one when the time is right for them to manifest.

Count your small wins every day as things to be grateful for. Everyone’s wins will look different but they’re all important to the person who has won them.

What do you have to celebrate today?