Dreaming big? Done…

Visualising? Easy…

Being grateful? No problem.

But being too scared to let go can be the fatal blow to that thing you’re manifesting.

As a control freak myself, I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. Sometimes I would get so frustrated that what I was focusing on hadn’t manifested, even though I’d worked and tried so hard.

I’d get discouraged and angry to the point where I’d throw in the towel and give up, which is when something miraculous would finally start to happen. Once I had given up on the thing and forgotten about the thing, it would finally appear in my life when I’d least expect it.

This is when I discovered the secret sauce for manifesting a tasty dish with the Universe:

You must let go to let it in.

I learn a lot from all of the Angel and Tarot card readings that I do for people and, having sent out over 4800 free Angel Card readings, I know the messages that most people need to hear.

The message that I get 10x more than some of the others is:


Because we hold on too tightly; because we are afraid; and because there’s an obsessive part of our human mind in all of us. The secret sauce for manifesting is to love it and let it go.


It’s not that we don’t trust the Universe, it’s that we don’t trust ourselves to be able to manifest great things. We don’t think that it’s possible or we’re good enough or that we can make it happen – especially if it hasn’t before (probably because we were holding on too tight…)

Release the burden on your shoulders and let go to let it in.

If you were drawn to read this article, it’s probably because this message was something you needed to hear right now. What are you trying to create? What are you struggling to manifest? And what are you afraid won’t happen?

Our fear of a manifestation not happening makes it not happen. We don’t check on a pizza delivery every 2 seconds, pacing the floor and biting our nails wondering if it will ever turn up. We let it go and leave it to the pro’s.

When you’ve done your bit for your manifestation – dreamed it, believed it, visualised it, been thankful and taken lots of aligned action – it’s time to seal it with the secret sauce…

You must let go to let it in.