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The “new year, new you” rhetoric is pretty old. We’ve gone through a lot of years by now and know that they fly past quicker each time, so you can give yourself a break for not achieving absolutely EVERYTHING that you want to in a single solitary year.

But I think 2020 is special for more than the fact that it’s a new year – it’s the first year of a whole new decade!

You’re here, reading this because you’re a manifestor who knows and loves the Law of Attraction. So, more than what you want to get for 2020 and the decade that follows, you need to be thinking about who you most want to be. 

The person you decide to embody will define your energetic expectations of what is normal, necessary and what you deserve.

You are a free, luminous soul and you can become anything that you want to be. Escape the limits of who you think you should be, and step into the possibility of who you can become…

As a double Earth sign, organisation is my jam and I love to make lists. But even if you’re not similar to me in that way, I know that you are also continually working on your mindset so that you can become a better version of yourself.

For this reason, I want you to choose whether you’re going to set Action Based Goals or Outcome Based Goals for 2020 so that you can manifest all of the success you desire.

outcome based goal setting mindset Tony robbins

When you make an outcome based goal for yourself, you’re setting an intention that you’re going to receive something. Some examples of outcome based goals could be:

↠ I’m going to have an article featured on Forbes by 2021

↠ My boyfriend will propose this year

↠ I will make $10,000 a month consistently in sales during Q3 & Q4 of 2020

We all have our own wins that we want and outcome based goals offer something concrete to strive for, as well as being super satisfying to tick off your list when you finally get the prize.

Top Manifesting Tip: What’s the reason for your outcome based goals? Your why is the energy and intent that’s creating your new manifestation. The why behind your why carries huge power over whether you reach your outcome based goals or not!

It’s good to have a few of these goals for 2020, but if you’re chasing things out of scarcity and desperation, they’ll stay on that list of yours for years to come. Use your intuition to tap into what will make your heart and soul happy, because they’re the outcomes that will genuinely bring you the most joy and satisfaction.

To set outcome based goals, ask yourself: 1) what you want to achieve, 2) by when, and – most importantly – 3) why…

action based goal setting mindset Tony Robbins mindvalley

On the other hand, action based goals can feel a whole lot scarier to write down because we’re committing to actually DO something. It can feel easier and more fun to dream up outcome based goals without planning how on earth we’re going to achieve them, but an action based goal is a promise that you make to yourself. Such as:

↠ I’m going to do my first TEDx talk in 2020

↠ I will create my first online course this year

↠ My morning routine will include writing down 3 things I’m grateful for every day

I would encourage you to add more action based than outcome based goals to your 2020 list because they are strategic planning steps. You’ll need to plan the actions that will get you to your outcome based goals anyway, so by including some steps here – you’re saving yourself a job that’s too easily forgotten.

Unpopular Manifesting Fact: Without doing the action steps that will move you closer to what you want, you may as well wait for unicorns to bring it to you…

The actions that you set yourself in 2020 show what you’re serious about achieving. Get clear on what aligned action looks like for you and what you think you could realistically accomplish within a 1-year timeframe.

To set action based goals, ask yourself: 1) what you would love to do, 2) specifically which brand/number/aspiration you’re aiming for, and 3) why you want to do it…

☽ ☆ ☾

Your soul wants to experience all of your desires. Don’t hold back and lie to yourself by only writing down small goals that will uphold the illusion of feeling safe and secure.

Scare yourself. Think about the action steps. Get specific, not vague. See the challenges between you and your goals by staying grounded, but know that you can see the solutions when you connect your intuition to the source above.

You are so ready for this.