As you’ll know if you got a copy of my ebook Declutter, Destress, Buy Less on Black Friday, I’ve been trying to buy less for the sake of the environment.

I learnt while working in fashion that the single most powerful thing we can do for the planet is to spend our money intentionally. If we stop spending our money on the things which are damaging the environment – for example, not being recyclable – then eventually they will disappear. It is the big companies which are at our mercy, and not the other way around…

If you have spiritual friends & family to buy for this Christmas – or you want to give them more than just a generic throwaway item – here are some meaningful gift ideas for you!

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If you read about my experience getting a natal birth chart reading last month, you’ll know what a sacred and special gift it is! Even though my husband isn’t particularly spiritual, I’ve bought him a reading with Whitley Rose @ The Soulflower Collective for his birthday on 12/12 because he couldn’t believe how accurate mine was.

Buying an astrology birth chart reading for your friend or family member will give them the gift of understanding what their unique personality traits are and why they might have them, as well as what their strengths and weaknesses will be in this lifetime. You’ll just need to know when and where they were born.

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The perfect spiritual stocking filler! An Amethyst gratitude stone can help your friend or family member with their daily gratitude practice, or introduce them to the idea for the first time. You can buy one here for only £5.99 (worldwide postage available) and it comes with an organza bag and note card, ready for gifting.

This gift is also a great way to say thank you to someone you love because the word “gratitude” is engraved on the Amethyst in gold. If you know someone who loves crystals, this would make the perfect gift for them!

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These are the only brand of candles I buy now. Crystabelles soya vegan candles are handmade in Oxford, England and smell amazing! They also have a crystal on each candle which gives them all different healing qualities, and they come in a gorgeous black and rose gold gift box.

I actually have two of these candles on the Christmas gift list that I sent out to my family! I used to use Woodwick and Yankee Candles but these are so much better and more environmentally friendly. If you need to buy for someone who uses candles, this is the gift for them! 🕯️

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I bought one of these as a gift for my stepfather’s birthday on 4th Dec because he really doesn’t need any more “stuff” filling up the house. Again, he’s not particularly spiritual, but I think that anyone can enjoy and benefit from a relaxing session of Reiki. It can help to clear their energy for the New Year and may even help to alleviate symptoms of physical illness or pain that they have. You can pay for a 1-hour session in advance and make your own voucher on to put in their Christmas card!

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This small, inexpensive gift is perfect for anyone who already has a spiritual practice or burns incense, even if they haven’t used a smudge stick yet. If you read my blog on the benefits of smudging with sage, you’ll know that using a white sage smudge stick can free a home of negative energy while making it feel lighter and more inviting.

Palo Santo is now endangered, so it’s best to opt for more sustainable White Sage instead. You can also read the article I wrote for Kindred Spirit to learn the Do’s & Dont’s of using a smudge stick!

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I only learnt this year that most wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable! The only type which can be recycled is brown parcel paper with a printed design, without any glitter or foil on. Therefore, I have wrapped all of my Christmas presents in recycled and recyclable ♻️ brown printed wrapping paper this year. The price was the same but the cost to the environment was far less…

☽ ☆ ☾

I hope that these spiritual gift ideas have given you some inspiration for meaningful, sustainable presents that you can buy for your loved ones. It’s important to be intentional with where you place your money as your spending carries huge power over how the world changes for the future.

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