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When you’re being called to something, you can’t escape it.

You’ll see the signs everywhere and words will stand out as though they’re being spoken directly to you. Nothing else will fulfil you as much as your calling, and your soul knows this deep within so it will do everything in its power to guide you towards it.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent the early years of your life going along with what you thought you “should” do or what you felt was a “good idea” at the time. We often make decisions hoping for safety rather than satisfaction but in our safety zone, we get bored, regretful and unfulfilled. Living in your calling will feel safe in a different way – as though it’s the right home for your soul.

When you are finally ready to be called to something, you are likely to experience these 5 things…


You’ve tried other things and nothing seems to be working out


Maybe your one true calling is the only thing left – the one thing that you’ve been afraid to start because deep down you know it’ll be the last time you try something for the first time. When things don’t work out the way we thought they would, it’s because the Universe is guiding us onto a different path. We can’t always see how this could be good for us at the time, but at some point, the reason we took the journey we took will all become clear.

If nothing is working out the way you thought it would, then it’s time to create a fresh start for yourself by trying something new. Only by trying something that you’ve never tried before can you find what you’ve always been looking for.


Returning to your childhood passions


As a child, we’re free from a lot of the conditioning and limiting beliefs that we adopt while we’re growing up. We haven’t been told we can’t yet, so we’re inclined to believe that we can. The things that we’re naturally drawn to in childhood – often without explanation – are very likely to be related to our soul’s calling.

For example, I used to spend my Saturday’s shopping for incense, the right coloured candles to cast spells with, and filling the local neighbourhood with animal rights posters. None of my family or friends were interested in any of these things, so I always look back with curiosity wondering why an 8-year-old felt inspired to burn incense alone in her room. Spirituality always called me, and after a few detours, I inevitably came back around to it in later life.


You could see yourself doing it forever, without wanting to change again


There is a tiny voice at the back of your head which says: “if I did that, then I would never need to do anything else again”. We often know what we’d find the most fulfilling, but we decide to do other things first because of money, fun, travel or the effort involved in changing across.

Our calling is the final stop of our soul’s journey in this lifetime, so when you know that there’s something which you could do forever, then that’s an important indication of your calling. Of course, your calling will be challenging at times just like all things in life – but you will find reserves of resilience and gumption that can only be redeemed in service of your true purpose.


Retirement no longer appeals


Shocker! Many people spend their lives counting down to retirement, but there really are some people who don’t. After 43 years on the BBC, presenter Terry Wogan said that he’d “never worked a day in his life” because he spent the whole time doing what he loved – and it showed! The audience loved him and he loved what he was able to give to the audience, so it’s no wonder that he was still presenting until the day he died aged 77.

Let’s not be deluded in thinking that hard work, early mornings and compromises won’t be involved – but when your calling is more rewarding than anything else, stopping it forever won’t seem so appealing anymore. When we’re desperate to quit or leave something for a long period of time, it’s because we’ve already learnt everything that we needed to and it’s time to move on to the next chapter.


A WHY bigger than all the rest


Our soul’s calling is our big why. Why we’re here. Why we’re drawn to what we enjoy doing. And it’s the why we can’t ignore anymore. In whatever way you want to make a difference, you must make the biggest difference that you can in your own unique way. It’s why you’re here after all!

Whatever you personally think the biggest problem in the world today is will probably be the problem that you’re here to solve. Our desires are divinely guided, so our instincts are what lead us to the calling of our intuition. Whether you’re driven by innovating, making people laugh, taking care of sick animals or fighting for people who don’t have a voice – your why is what will keep your vision sustainable and fulfil you more than anything you do to answer someone else’s why.

☽ ☆ ☾

Your feelings will guide you to what’s right for you, so invest time in considering what brings you the most joy.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and trust that each experience is an integral part of your journey towards your calling. Everything happens for a reason. Keep the faith and steer your life towards the tasks which make you feel most alive.

Your calling will always find you, just as soon as the time is right.