If you’re seeking more clarity, focus and accomplishment in your life, then set aside just 3 short minutes every day for a regular meditation practice. If you’ve tried my 5AM routine, then finding the time will be easy for you! And if you’re looking for a big return on a small investment with minimal disruption to your current routine, then committing to 3 meditative minutes each day will bring these positive changes into your life…

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Procrastination happens because we succumb to our mental chatter and indulge in the fear of moving forward, or because we feel confused about what to do next. By switching into meditation mode, you can hold the brain still and keep mental chatter at bay in order to crack on with your to-do list and hear intuitively what your next step is. To get more done often requires thinking less.

Whatever job you have, I’m sure that it’s fast-paced, demanding and stressful at times. When you’re well-versed in your meditation practice, you can flip into a pared-down sort of meditation mode at any moment in order to stay focused and intentional in your work actions, without getting stressed out and becoming less efficient as a result.

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Our energy follows our mind, so if our thoughts are going haywire then our energy is too. Enter the M word! If our mind is still, it’s easier to align; connect; channel; flourish. By making space in our mind first, meditation gives our energy time to regroup and realign.

It is blockages – aka dense fear energy – which prevent us from feeling the easy breezy vibe that naturally follows when we align our energy. Once you are neatly aligned, life just flows through you – and you flow through it.

So, through meditation, you can make your energy work for you. Imagine a beam of safe and secure energy flowing down from the sky, through the top of your head, through your body, and into the centre of the Earth. When you are secure and anchored in this meditative space, then you have the power to be infinitely bold and fearless because nothing can shake you. When you are unshakeable in your connection to your own energy source, then it becomes a lot harder for anyone else to sway you with their own agenda.

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Meditating puts you in the driver’s seat. Instead of starting your day off by being reactive, you’re choosing to be proactive and harnessing your own power before people start demanding things from you. Spending 3 quiet minutes in meditation will ground you and keep you centred so that your energy can remain anchored and serve you in the best way possible.

When you feel balanced and secure in your own energy, then you’ll naturally feel more assured in yourself and people will start to respond differently. When you’re more balanced and secure through meditation, you will experience fewer people “trying their luck” with unfair demands once they realise that their efforts aren’t worthwhile.

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Just 3 minutes of meditation every day is a tiny commitment in terms of time, but the potential benefits are enormous. If you can devote more time to your meditation practice, then you can expect to see these results being multiplied many times over! If you want to make a change and don’t know where to begin – all it takes is 3 short minutes to change your mind, change your life, and change your own corner of the world as a result.

What benefits have you had from meditation? Let me know in the comments!