There will be a day when you are thankful that you didn’t give up.

There will be a day when you are proud of yourself for ignoring the calls from your fears and naysayers to quit and take the easy road, just because it’s been walked by others before you.

There will be a day when people are asking “how did you do it?” rather than “why are you bothering?”

There will be a day when all of the challenges you are facing now become invaluable lessons that you would never dream of taking back for the competitive edge that they have given you.

There will be a day when it is all worthwhile – even more worthwhile than you could have ever dreamed of.

There will be a day when it all makes sense; when you realise that every step along the way was meaningful and inimitable. Life is funny like that. Sometimes we can’t plan our route to success as well as we think we can.

There will be a day when you look back on this day to give a nod and a smile to the spark that carried you there… you won’t know why that little spark always burned within you when you had no evidence to keep it alight, yet somehow you turned it into the roaring flames of your success.

What if this day is coming for you in 2019?

I am so excited for 2nd January 2019 because I will be returning home from a manor house in the country after spending NYE with 14 of my dearest friends. Then, while I am full of love and gratitude, I will sit down to decide what I am going to achieve next year with my 2019 Dreams & Schemes planner.

Specifically, I am going to decide on who I want to be and what I want to do in 2019 by asking myself the following questions: ✯ What I am going to be more of… ✯ What I am going to be less of… ✯ My daily habits ✯ My weekly habits, and finally ✯ What I will achieve by the end of 2019 (ie, my New Years Resolutions!)

This is the actual 2019 Dreams & Schemes planner I will be using, so you can also print one off to help you decide what you are going to achieve ↠

I’ll see you here again on 2nd January 2019 for the next Wellbeing Wednesdays post and some serious 2019 action planning! 🎄

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas & New Year,