Love is oxygen for the soul, so living without it makes us feel lost, restricted and lacking in purpose.

At the core of it, we are all the embodiment of pure love.

We just get lost along the way and collect judgements and negativity on our journey through life. But if we can find our way back to our truest and most radiant selves, then by the Law of Attraction we will magnetise love towards us because like will always attract like.

Giving love is the surest way to receive. An abundance of love comes from within your own heart first. When you are so full of love and adoration for yourself that you are overflowing with it, you are able to share it with others freely and without fear. Over time, you will find yourself with a life so full of love that you could burst; the kindness and compassion you will receive from others will bring tears to your eyes.

When you choose to see the good in others, you are practising the art of unconditional love. The love that you want to receive is born within you first. This is what many people miss. It is hard when suffering from old wounds or challenging circumstances to focus on the love that lives within you FIRST, in order to then connect with the kindred love that lives within others. You have to give love to receive. By being loving and understanding to others, you will become a magnet for love. The temptation to only receive, receive, receive can be huge because sometimes we feel that we need it in that moment to counteract the feelings of loneliness and isolation. But by chasing after it and grasping it, we will only push it away as a lack mentality perpetuates lack.

We all embody the purest form of love so we have to remove our fears, judgements and needy behaviour to uncover it. Using affirmations such as this one sends a clear message to your brain, your subconscious, and the universe that you have chosen to remove all faulty love programming and step forward with only love and appreciation.

There is always an unlimited amount of love available to you – you just need to make the choice to share yours with others first…

I AM Loved because I AM Love. 

No-one else can replace the infinite amount of love that I have for myself, because no-one else’s love is more important than my love for me.

I AM loving others freely without the expectation of anything in return. 

I release all judgements and fears, because they restrict the flow of love into my life and distract from my true nature. I AM true love in physical form and I AM reverting back to my most comfortable, natural state.

As always, I get everything that I want – consciously or unconsciously – so I already know that more love is coming to me and I don’t need to chase or cling to it. I know that there is an unlimited abundance of love available, and I am able to enjoy it all with nothing but awe and appreciation. I simply let the love in as much as I give the love out.

I AM so excited for all of the love that is on its way to me, and I can feel intuitively that it all starts with me. 

Thank you in advance for my life living in Love… it is better than I ever imagined.