By surrendering, by allowing, by embracing the present moment – you are effecting movement in that very moment of stillness.

Being still to create change can feel contradictory; as though the two energies are mutually incompatible. But the energy of the Divine is still and it is also the energy of infinite creation. When we tap into our God-selves through meditation we can find that stillness, and also our forgotten talent of pure creation. They coexist and reside together, deep within our minds and hearts. The energies of stillness and creation are tantamount to one another – they are not separate or opposing, despite what the common “hustle” rhetoric would have us believe.

I wrote on my Instagram recently Look Within Or Go Without and the message here is the same. When we spend time looking within to clear limiting energy blockages and expand the divine light which radiates out from our heart centre, we are tuning in to our most powerful manifestation tool. I say that “your heart centre is your creation station”, but often we close down our heart centre as we go through daily life to protect ourselves when we are at work or anywhere else that we see a potential for confrontation. We need to consciously open it back up again in order to operate at full force, and we do that in meditation.

Being still is productive and fruitful. It prepares you for the action stage, and ensures that your actions are not in vain because you are storming ahead without focus and, therefore, heading in a strange direction. Pausing to look within and seek your deeper truths sets you ahead of all the others who are too busy doing exactly that.

Gabrielle Bernstein has a saying “stop, drop, and meditate”, because when she is feeling the most rushed and busy is when she is most inclined to meditate. She knows that calming the mind is a powerful tool – it unleashes your power of creation and makes you into a more focused and refined warrior for your dreams.

Invest the time to look within so that you can direct your heart energy and energy d’être towards that which you want and that which will be of service. Those extra minutes you spend meditating with intent can save you years in wasted effort and opportunity.

After all – burnout is not sexy.