It’s not about you.

Wayne Dyer said it. Louise Hay taught it. Gabrielle Bernstein felt it. Neale Donald Walsch wrote it.

When I started Millennial Manifestor, I wanted to try a completely new approach. Even though I had already pursued things for passion or creativity and not just money alone, I had never pursued something that wasn’t a quest for personal satisfaction. And yet, by not seeking personal gain, I’ve gained more than anything I have ever done before. More than everything combined, in fact.

Removing the ego and thinking in terms of “We”, “They” and “You” means that you are always focusing on what is in the highest good of others and not necessarily what is best for you (the “I”). It means you have the fuel to keep burning late at night because the stakes are higher than just yourself. You have not only got yourself to let down, but everyone that you are here to serve.

There is a divine mission within each of us, and while you will learn and grow from uncovering your mission and sharing it with the world, your mission is really something which just travels through you to in order to reach a collective “We”, “They” or even a single other “You”.

At the Mind, Body & Spirit convention I went to in Birmingham last weekend, I had an intuitive reading from the Hay House author, Stephanie J. King. One of the messages came through loud and clear from both her channelling and the cards I pulled.

It read: “Divine messages are not coming FROM you, they are coming THROUGH you.”

While this is something I have intuitively felt to be true (it drives me nuts when my fiancé interrupts me mid-flow from the soul) it was comforting to get reassurance from an outside source. Maybe I wasn’t going crazy after all. It’s not about me, and that’s fine. It’s a mission that I give thanks for every day and I feel honoured to accept.

It’s not about you either, regardless of how great you are. Your greatness has been given to you only so that you can serve others. The only thing the “I” can feel great about is having the commitment, bravery and dedication to deliver on its mission and serve outside of itself.

The ego speaks first, the soul speaks second. Who is the loudest of the two? The ego can get so loud that it deafens us. But in the same way that empty tins rattle loudest, following the passions of the ego “I” will never deliver half as much as following the quiet calling of the soul. Serving “We”, “They”, “You” gives your message the power to spread across the world and illuminate hearts and minds everywhere. Serving the “I” impacts your life only, and even then, it is counterintuitive because it feels vacant, empty and unfulfilling.

I read in ‘Transform Your Life” by the Buddhist monk, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (p.136): “By practising humility and wishing for others to enjoy higher status, we accumulate a vast amount of merit. We should understand that now is the time to accumulate merit, not to waste it.” 

Gain esteem from helping others. In the process, you will be helping yourself too. There is no greater soul high than serving your mission and impacting the world for the better. You grow; your soul grows; the world grows.

Focus on “We”, “They”, “You” and see what happens.